Mea Copa – Results from Round of 16

If you haven’t been following, I’ve been replaying the 1986 Mexico World Cup, using Mea Copa, the quick-play soccer game from Time Travel Games.

The Round of 16 had two very interesting results, both 3-2 scores.

Italy v. Uruguay ended 3-2 after extra time when Uruguay scored on a 15% chance in the very last roll of the game to eliminate the defending world champs.  Had Uruaguay missed that chance the match would have gone to penalty kicks to determine the winner.

The other interesting result was Morocco v. West Germany.  This was one of two Round of 16 games that actually matched up exactly as a real-life Round of 16 game did back in Mexico ’86.  In the actual tournament that year, West Germany pulled out a 1-0 victory over the Moroccans when, according to the AP report:

That Moroccan squad was, at the time, the first ever African country to make it out of the Group Stage in the World Cup.  Their close-but-no-cigar effort against a West German side that ended the tournament as the runners-up was hailed as a great victory for the future of African football.

In this replay, things went differently.  If you’ve played Mea Copa, you know that each side rolls for number of scoring chances in 15 minute blocks, and then rolls to see if any goals are scored off those chances.  Here is how each side scored, in parenthesis are number of chances:

Morocco stuns West Germany 3-2 to advance to the Quarterfinals

With the score tied at 2, West Germany missed a 60% chance to start the second half.  Morocco immediately capitalized, scoring on their only shot chance of the second half.

In added time, West Germany had a final shot – a chance to tie and send the game into a 30 minute extra-time period.  While a 01-05 result would have kept their chances alive, the Deutchelanders rolled an 06.  I imagined it as Matthaeus’ rainbow free-kick, in this universe bouncing just inches outside the goalpost, altering history forever.  It was the most exciting and interesting match of the tournament so far.

Here are the results of the Round of 16 and the matchups going into the Quarterfinals.  Each match has an appeal, but Brazil v. Argentina especially should be a doozy.  Click on the bracket below to make it bigger.

Can Maradona and Argentina hold off Socrates and Brazil?

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  1. Paul,

    Just wanted to say that I picked this thread up on the Delphi Forums and I have been avidly following along on here. Great write ups and it’s been a brilliant tournament so far. I’m at an age where I can clearly remember the tournament & especially the ‘hand of God goal’.

    I ordered Mea Copa a week ago and it will still take a while to get to me in the UK, but in the meantime your reports keep me going and I can’t wait to get my hands on this little beauty. It should complement Classic Soccer if the World Cup teams are still available from Anthony.



  2. Thanks for the comment and for following this replay, Colin. There’s nothing better than to know that someone else is enjoying your replay as much as you are.

    You are right about this game being a great complement to Classic Soccer. I’m playing this replay entirely with Mea Copa, because it’s my first Mea Copa replay and I’m really curious how it will turn out, but under different circumstances I probably would order the Brazil and Argentina sides from Anthony today and play that game with Classic Soccer. I might still, anyway, if he has them available (which I don’t know).

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