Monza – Then and Now

Movie poster imageIt’s a wonderful perk of living in the modern age that we can queue up videos like the one below – for free! – anytime we’d like. It’s akin to having a little window into the past in your pocket all the time. Imagine what someone a hundred years ago would have thought if you would have given him the magical ability to watch scenes from 1866 in living color, in the palm of his hand? We live in an age of miracles, my friends.

The video embedded below is a shot-by-shot comparison between Italy’s Formula 1 track Audiodromo Nazionale Monza, as filmed in 1966 for James Garner’s epic film Grand Prix, against a the circuit as filmed in 2007.

If you jump to about 4:00 in the video, you’ll see a split screen where you can watch a trip around the track in 1966 on top, and in 2007 on the bottom.

I haven’t had much time to play Classic Formula One lately, but this video has inspired me to make some room again on my tabletop for this game soon. Being able to go back in time, to experience the thrill and drama of competition between the great drivers on the great tracks, and great athletes in the great forums of the past is what keeps me coming back to this hobby. To recreate a race at Monza on my tabletop and in the theater of my mind is another amazing perk of modern life.

An age of miracles it is, indeed.

h/t to WTF1 – The Alternative F1 Blog, for this video and for all the great F1 content published there.

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