Nolan Ryan Strat-O-Matic No-Hitter Video from 1992

I got a real kick out of this video. There’s nothing like being with a group of your friends, having honest-to-goodness fun.

This video was shot (on VHS, I presume) in 1992 at the “I-75 Strat-O-Matic League” convention. Jamie Turner, manager of the Tropical Heat, has the pleasure of getting a no-hit, no run performance from Nolan Ryan versus the Ansbach Angels, who are managed by Steve Hart.

Watch and enjoy as the drama unfolds; the video begins with 6 outs left to roll.

I’ve mentioned it plenty of times, but it remains true: I’ve never rolled a Strat no-hitter. I’ve had a number of one-hitters, though, including this one by the Ryan Express.

That reminds me, I haven’t played my 1985 NL Cy Young Race in months. I should pick that replay back up soon. I was having fun with that.

So much time, so little to do! Strike that, reverse it.

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