On this Date: April 8

Posted by Paul on April 8, 2014 in APBA Baseball, APBA Football, Baseball, History | Short Link
  1. 1915: Dick Seitz, creator and founder of the APBA game company was born.
  2. 1946: Jim “Catfish” Hunter, Hall of Fame pitcher, was born
  3. 1954: Gary Carter, Hall of Fame catcher, was born
  4. 1973: Eddie Miksis, who once lent his glove to Ernie Banks, died
  5. 1974: Henry Aaron hits career home run #715, surpassing Babe Ruth’s record.

Aaron 715


  • Patrick Boyer says:

    You have full control on stealing, H&R, sac’s in APBA (Master board game that is). There are some random events built in but you are pretty much in control.

  • Joe Earls says:

    Seems the APBA community likes to do their own adjustments, tweaking the game as needed.

    I play Basic APBA, and do only this. After the 6th inning, I’ll do a voluntary steal with a single die — I-4 safe if there’s an 11 on the card anyplace, 1-3 if there’s a 10. The newer boards have tweaked the hit and run to have more CS’s.

    I grew up on Strat, still play the computer, though like the look and feel of APBA w cards and dice. However, I don’t play often enough to have much expertise.

    • John Reeder says:

      Thanks Joe. But my concern isn’t so much making steals on my own. I can just come up with a dice roll for that. My concern is not steal attempts not made that I want to make. My concern is steal attempts made that I don’t want made. What do you do with those? Just disregard them? How does that work?

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