On this Date: April 8

  1. 1915: Dick Seitz, creator and founder of the APBA game company was born.
  2. 1946: Jim “Catfish” Hunter, Hall of Fame pitcher, was born
  3. 1954: Gary Carter, Hall of Fame catcher, was born
  4. 1973: Eddie Miksis, who once lent his glove to Ernie Banks, died
  5. 1974: Henry Aaron hits career home run #715, surpassing Babe Ruth’s record.

Aaron 715

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  1. You have full control on stealing, H&R, sac’s in APBA (Master board game that is). There are some random events built in but you are pretty much in control.

  2. Seems the APBA community likes to do their own adjustments, tweaking the game as needed.

    I play Basic APBA, and do only this. After the 6th inning, I’ll do a voluntary steal with a single die — I-4 safe if there’s an 11 on the card anyplace, 1-3 if there’s a 10. The newer boards have tweaked the hit and run to have more CS’s.

    I grew up on Strat, still play the computer, though like the look and feel of APBA w cards and dice. However, I don’t play often enough to have much expertise.

    • Thanks Joe. But my concern isn’t so much making steals on my own. I can just come up with a dice roll for that. My concern is not steal attempts not made that I want to make. My concern is steal attempts made that I don’t want made. What do you do with those? Just disregard them? How does that work?

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