APBA Soccer Unboxing Video

Posted by Paul on March 31, 2015 | Short Link

YouTube user “ahnyoung4christ” posted the following video a couple of weeks ago. In it, he opens up a brand new APBA Soccer game and goes through the components, describing what he finds. Because he’s never had the game before, nor played it, his is an interesting perspective on the first-time buyer’s experience of APBA Soccer.

My favorite moment comes at 00:32 when the host holds up the APBA Soccer FAC Cards that I designed. I still get excited every time I see a pack of those cards inside an official APBA box. I made that!

Here is the video:

The Player’s Club: Winter 2014-15
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Posted by Paul on March 28, 2015 | Short Link

In Issue #3 of OneForFive.com Print Edition, another three gamers were honored by induction into “The Player’s Club.” It was my great pleasure to highlight these three individuals and bring some attention to their terrific work. Here are some links to their projects:

Currently, there is about a week to go before the Spring 2015 issue of OneForFive.com Print Edition is scheduled to be released, where three more gamers will be immortalized in the magazine.

If you have completed an impressive project recently or if you want to nominate someone to be recognized for a particularly amazing project, please email me at paul@oneforfive.com with the subject “Player’s Club.”

Click on the image below to download the PDF.
Players Club - winter 1415

Top 5 Sports Games – by The Dice Tower with HAMTAG

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HAMTAG (Half As Much, Twice As Good), is a game review show on The Dice Tower channel on youtube. This week each of the three co-hosts offers his own list of “Top 5 Sports Games.”

The show is aimed at the Board Game Geek crowd, which does not typically feature many sports-game aficionados. As more traditional board-gamer types, it’s no surprise that these lists are light on sports simulations, and instead feature party or casual sports games.

That said, there are some true simulations on this list. Title Bout – Avalon Hill’s boxing sim (recently re-released as Advanced Title Bout by PT Games), is the only game that makes all three lists, in fact. Also mentioned: Strat-O-Matic Baseball, Football, and Basketball.

It’s incredibly exciting to see sports games getting more coverage on mainstream boardgaming sites and shows. Maybe we’ll see Mayor-of-the-Internet Wil Wheaton (an unabashed LA Kings fan) playing a hockey sim on Tabletop one of these days.

Bart Brunscheen

5. TITLE BOUT (Avalon Hill boxing game)

4. WEYKICK (magnetic soccer game)

3. LONGSHOT (horse racing game)


1. K2 (mountain climbing game)


Judd Vance

5. TITLE BOUT (Avalon Hill boxing game)

4. SURESHOT HOCKEY (hockey foosball-type game)

3. STRAT-O-MATIC BASEBALL (Judd calls it “the most elegant, beautiful sports game ever made.”)

2. RED BARBER’S BIG LEAGUE BASEBALL GAME (Sherco Baseball replica version. Tagline: “All the thrills, excitement, and suspense of Major League Baseball”)



Greg Schmittgens

5. STRAT-O-MATIC FOOTBALL (Greg says he played the entire 1970 season twice, and the Rams won both times)

4. Reiner Knizia’s  DECATHALON (dice-based track & field game)

3. TITLE BOUT (Avalon Hill boxing game)

2. WRASSLIN‘ (Avalon Hill wrestling game)

1. NHL ICE BREAKER (generic hockey game with “War”-like game mechanic)

Tampa Tarpons Stadium by Kenn Tomasch

Posted by Paul on March 25, 2015 | Short Link
Tarpon Stadium was designed and built by Kenn Tomasch of kenn.com.  It's a recreation of Al Lopez Field in Tampa, FL.

There aren’t nearly enough blogs on the topic of tabletop-sports, so when a dedicated gamer creates one that regularly publishes quality writing on interesting subjects, it’s a travesty if it isn’t getting read. Kenn Tomasch’s “Kenn.com Blog” is a gem in the tiny rockpile that is the tabletop-sports blogosphere. I hope you’ll add it to your regular stops on the web.

On Tuesday, Kenn published a post on the design and building of his most recent tabletop-baseball stadium, a miniature recreation of Al Lopez Field in Kenn’s hometown of Tampa, FL. Kenn took great care in documenting the entire process, and the result is a photo essay and accompanying video that should be a joy to watch for any fan of tabletop-baseball. Kenn calls this his “APBA Ballpark,” but the following will be interesting and inspiring to all fans of the genre, regardless of the game to which one claims loyalty.

Bleacher Rat by Joyce Kessel
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Posted by Paul on March 24, 2015 | Short Link

Bleacher Rat
by Joyce Kessel

I grew up a National League fan
of the Pirates, Cards, Reds & Giants,
not even knowing many decades before
my Buffalo Bisons played in the Senior League
well before becoming a minor league stalwart.
So I’d pray for sunny skies over Forbes Field
rather than Cleveland’s “Mistake by the Lake.”
My rare defection to the American League
came when the Orioles gained Frank Robinson
in that lopsided trade and after,
who couldn’t have appreciated Cal Ripken?

My dad & I would troll the minor leagues
where for some reason affiliations
didn’t seem to matter as much,
at least not to me,
who took in the green expanses
beyond dirt as the glowing diamonds
they were meant to be,
even in parks that were bare shadows
to Little League fields today.

In bandbox fields
and open air bleachers
we’d watch players with numbers,
but no names on their uniforms,
trading cards in their future or past
or not at all, their talents raw and wild.

I learned a geography of Rustbelt cities:
Toledo Mudhens, Columbus Clippers,
Rochester Redwings, Syracuse Chiefs,
Geneva Cubs, Oneonta Yankees,
Niagara Falls Rainbows,
a day’s ride away,
hoping they’d play two,
and mastering the geometry
& hieroglyphs of scorecards.


This poem was originally published in Spitball Magazine, the finest baseball-themed literary magazine of which I know. It’s a semi-annual publication. I have a subscription and I hope you will subscribe and support baseball-themed humanities, too.

Joyce Kessel is an editor at Earth’s Daughters, and a professor at Villa Maria College in Buffalo, NY.

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