Daring Racers – 1950 F1 Season
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Posted by Paul Dylan on January 11, 2015 | Short Link

In between finishing up the newest edition of OneForFive.com Print Edition this week, I played out the entire 1950 F1 Championship Season with Roberto Chiavini’s simple (but terrifically fun) F1 simulation game, Daring Racers.

I’ve run a few races with Daring Racers in the past and enjoyed them, but it wasn’t until I played out the entire season (7 races) that I got the full experience of the game.

Chiavini describes the game as a Quick Play game, but that really isn’t a fair depiction. After qualifying rolls for each driver sets up a complete grid for each race, the race is broken into 8 segments. Each segment, each driver rolls 2d6 and checks his rating against a chart. After all 8 segments, ties are broken with a final roll using the driver’s “winning instinct” rating.

Accident Checks and Retirement Checks occur during the race, too, and with the optional Accident Chart, a driver can be injured to the point of never returning. As Chiavini says in his instructions, “the game is called Daring Racers for a reason…”

click on the graphic below to see the results of my 1950 F1 Season Replay with Daring Racers
Daring Racers 1950 Results

The one change I made to this season is that I replaced the Indy 500 with the Dutch Grand Prix, due to the fact that none of the entries in the 1950 Indy 500 raced in any other Championship races, and none of the European racers competed in the Indy 500. It just didn’t seem relevant to the rest of the season.

The top 5 finishers in the season points total turned out to be the same top 5 as in real life, but in the replay they came out in a different order.

The French Grand Prix was the turning point of the replay season. Nino Farina had won the pole, had run the fastest lap, and was out to a huge lead when, in the 32nd lap, he crashed into a wall with such ferocity as to put him out for the rest of the season. Juan Manuel Fangio had to retire due to mechanical issues early in the race, too, which left the opportunity for Louis Rosier to earn his first victory of the season.

At the time Farina went out, he had 20 points and looked set to earn 9 more with the Italian Grand Prix still ahead on the schedule. Louis Fagioli’s 28 and Fangio’s 24 points were his competition. The accident threw Farina out of the running, and when Fagioli beat out Alberto Ascari for second place in France – on a tie-breaker roll, no less! – his point total hit 34 and his 1950 F1 Season Championship became a mathematical certainty.

I’ll be rolling the 1955 season next.

UPDATE: Winter 2014-15 Print Edition
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Posted by Paul Dylan on January 8, 2015 | Short Link

I expected to have Issue #3 (Winter 2014-15) of OneForFive.com Print Edition available for subscribers by January 1st. Obviously that deadline has come and gone. I’d love to say I have a great excuse, but I really don’t. It was just your standard stuff that put me behind schedule: holidays, kids, life in general. On the bright side, this is shaping up to be the best issue yet!

If everything works out right, subscribers should have the pdf version in their email inbox no later than Monday morning, and print versions will be hitting mailboxes later next week.

Issue #3 features some awesome freebies, including a complete copy of Roster Card Baseball (by Greg Sovan) including the two 1975 World Series clubs. Also included – and exclusive to OneForFive.com – is complete copy of the 1915 Federal League for Payoff Pitch (by Joe Bryan of Sideline Strategy & published by PT Games). The PDF version of the magazine is only $7; I don’t think there is a greater value anywhere in tabletop-sports.

The Winter 2014-15 issue of OneForFive.com Print Edition includes some awesome free stuff.  Subscribers will start receiving the magazine next week.

The Winter 2014-15 issue of OneForFive.com Print Edition includes some awesome free stuff. Subscribers will start receiving the magazine next week.

PDF Winter 2014-15: ONLY $7

PRINT EDITION Winter 2014-15: ONLY $9

From the Wayback Machine: Resolutions
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Posted by Paul Dylan on January 5, 2015 | Short Link

On the Advice of My Therapist…

Posted by Paul Dylan on December 25, 2012

Today I start being the man I’ve been waiting to become.

One thing that man does is write at least 30 minutes every day.  I can’t promise that every day those 30 minutes will be spent writing for this site, but over the first 9 months or so of this year, oneforfive.com was a great place for me to expend excess mental energy in a productive, engaging and fun way.  I’m bringing that back today.

The man I’ve been waiting to become:

  • exercises daily
  • sits up straight when he’s at the computer
  • doesn’t fear being alone
  • goes on adventures with his children
  • uses the telephone to call his friends often
  • writes daily
  • is focused and motivated at work
  • loves to laugh
  • reads books instead of mindlessly clicking around the web
  • is organized financially and with his time
  • is available for mutually enriching relationships
  • prays only for the knowledge of God’s will and the power to carry it out
  • prays without cease
  • carries his story with him and shares it freely, not seeking pity, not seeking affection, but as a means of empowering others who may need an example of experience, strength, and hope

This is the man I’ve been waiting to become, and the man I am today.

Hoping for a Christmas Miracle
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Posted by Paul Dylan on December 23, 2014 | Short Link



Back In The Game – Need Help

Hi All,

I’m desperately looking for the following 9 Additional Player cards from the 1980 season:

      • J. R. Richard – Astros
      • Del Unser – Phillies
      • Kevin Saucier – Phillies
      • Nino Espinosa – Phillies
      • John Vuckovich – Phillies
      • John Fulgham – Cardinals
      • Jose Cardenal – Royals
      • Pedro Guerrero – Dodgers
      • Oscar Gamble – Yankees

I’ve tried eBay, moonlightgraham, and other Strat message boards to no avail. Condition is not a concern – I don’t even need the actual cards if someone is willing to share a scan with me – I just wanna roll the dice and get on with my 1980 season replay.

1980 Additional Players quoteMy story (not unlike many of yours, I’m sure)…

I began playing Strat with my best friend when I was 13. We were big Phillies fans so we decided we’d replay the entire 1980 season to see if they would win it all like they had just done in real life. Well, after a few years, our real lives took over (girlfriends, college, careers, etc.) and we only got through about 500 games – which took us to around May 25 in the 1980 season (stupid Pirates amassed a 6 1/2 game lead over the Phils and showed no signs of collapse).

Flash forward 30 or so years, I found a box in my attic with my old 1980 strat-o-matic game along with the not-bad-for-a-13-year-old stat sheets I created on my mom’s old Royal typewriter. I got the itch again. Now with 21st century (at least late 20th) technology at my disposal, I spent the past four months tediously going through the scorecards from those 500+ games we played and entering the data into some fancy (for me) spreadsheets I created in Excel.

Two weeks ago, I finished catching up with the data entry and began playing actual games again. It was just as exciting as when I was 13. I even put on the classic rock station to set the same atmosphere as when we’d stay up all night playing strat back in the 80s. I am such a dork.

Anyway, I’m hooked again. I hope to be able to finish this 1980 season replay before I die!

Help me Strat-o-Matic Community, you’re my only hope!

– Eric Johnson

Leave a comment below or email me at: paul@oneforfive.com if you have any tips for Eric. Thanks!

2014 MLS Season for APBA Soccer AVAILABLE NOW
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Posted by Paul Dylan on December 17, 2014 | Short Link

I write about APBA Soccer a lot on this blog, because it’s one of my favorite games to play in any sport.

It’s only been about two months since I received my 2013 MLS set from the company and I haven’t had a chance to start a project with it yet, so I may hold off on purchasing the 2014 set for a while, but I sure am tempted to pull the trigger on it today!

Can Landon Donovan pilot the LA Galaxy to a championship in your 2014 MLS replay with APBA Soccer?

2014 might have been the most exciting season for Major League Soccer in its 18-year history. It was the final season for legends Landon Donovan and Thierry Henry. USMNT greats Jermaine Jones, Damarcus Beasley, and Maurice Edu all came home and had immediate impact in the league. New York’s Bradley Wright-Phillips tied the MLS single-season goal scoring record with 27, while Clint Dempsey, Obafemi Martins, MLS Defender of the year Chad Marshall and young superstar-in-the-making DeAndre Yedlin helped lead the Seattle Sounders to Supporter’s Shield and the Lamar Hunt US Open Cup glory. MVP finalist Lee Nguyen had a breakout year and led the New England Revolution to their 6th MLS Cup Final only to lose out to the beloved Donovan and the polarizing MLS MVP, Irish National Captain Robbie Keane.

It’s amazing to me that the set is out this soon; the playoffs ended just ten days ago. As far as I know, the only other soccer game with a 2014 MLS set out already is Final Score by RJH Games.

Click here or on the screenshot below to go to APBA’s Online Store.

APBA Newsletter 12-17-14

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