My @Strat-O-Matic Collection
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Posted by Paul on August 3, 2015 | Short Link

Strat is currently running a promotion, wherein if you send in a picture of your collection to, you’ll receive 25% off any single card set. Here is (most of) my collection!

Strat Collection

  1. Hockey 2012-13
  2. Pro Football (1980, 1984, 1989 6-team sets, a few 2010 and various other teams)
  3. Baseball 2013 set
  4. Basketball 1987-88 set
  5. Baseball – about 20 random teams (this is the box I grab when I want to take the game on the road)
  6. Baseball 2011 set
  7. 42 Old Timer Teams
  8. 2012 Baseball
  9. 1961, 1920, 1934, 1977
  10. 1959
  11. 1978 (super-advanced), 1965, 1955, 1988 (NL Only)
  12. 1996 (8 teams from the complete set)
  13. 1969, 1973
  14. 45 Brooklyn/LA Dodgers team sets + a bunch of miscellaneous teams
  15. Hall of Fame 2010 & Baseball Heroes
  16. 1985
  17. 2010
  18. 1975 original glossy
  19. 2008
  20. 1978 original, 36 Past Season Teams
  21. 1996, 2001

Not pictured: 1997, 1999, 2002, 2004, 2005, Baseball Express, plus 1982, 1984 Football

Sports! Sports! Sports! – Podcast

Posted by Paul on July 22, 2015 | Short Link

So basically some dude inputs the skills of everything, of every player, the results of everything, everything that happened ever, translates that into probability tables, and then – for fun – people pay money and they…test his math?”

  • Rich Sommer, Cardboard!

One thing this hobby needs is more coverage in the mainstream board gaming audio/visual media on the web.

In this episode of “Cardboard!” we get to hear about sports board games from the perspective of a board gamer who doesn’t know a lot about sports. Though his “expert” (actor and podcaster Nate Corddry) on the tabletop-sports genre gets a lot of basic fact wrong (Strat-O-Matic invented in the late 60’s?), this episode brings a really fascinating perspective for those of us “die-hards” out there, and is worth a listen.

Dynasty League Baseball and Formula D Racing are discussed, and then Green Bay Packers starting Left Tackle David Bakhtiari joins the discussion to talk about…The Settlers of Catan?

Still, it’s totally worth a 52 minutes of your time. Take a listen!

Custom Scorebooks Are a Hit!

Posted by Paul on July 14, 2015 | Short Link

CLICK HERE for more information on how to order a Custom Scorebook for your next replay.

Here are a few comments from recent customers:

I contacted Paul about making a replay guide for me as I look to do a career replay of Tom Seaver’s career. Paul was excellent in giving me suggestions to improve upon what I was looking for and was very quick in his responses. I ordered 4 books based on the size of the replay and the first one arrived today. I am very exited on how it turned out and I would give a tremendous recommendation to anyone who is thinking about ordering a book. This will go a long way to increasing my enjoyment for this project.” – Bob C., Naples, FL

This is stunningly good. Better than I even hoped.” – Bart E., Fairway, KS

BEAUTIFUL! If I can get my hands on an older Replay set I’ll be placing another order before the year is out!” – Jim W., Farmington, MI

Recently completed scorebooks include:

2013 Pirates

1976 Tigers

1974 Royals

Seaver - vol 2

Seaver - early years


FREE: 1944 “A League of Their Own” Card Set for HMB
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Posted by Paul on July 12, 2015 | Short Link

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD A FREE PDF OF THE 1944 SEASON OF THE ALL-AMERICAN GIRLS’ PROFESSIONAL BASEBALL LEAGUE (made famous in the 1992 film “A League of Their Own”) for’s History Maker Baseball.

Dottie Green Helen Fox

This is not a homebrew set – this is an official HMB set by creator Keith Avallone. It’s really exciting to see a game company offer a set like this for free.

To my knowledge, there is no other game company that embraces these types of “alternative” sets to the extent that Avallone and does.

You might counter that Strat-O-Matic and their all-volunteer “U-Team” – which has been responsible for Cuban Stars, Japanese historical seasons, and Negro League season releases for their PC game in recent years – might be comparable. The difference, however, is that Strat-O-Matic relies on the U-Team volunteers to create computer-only rosters, doesn’t offer anything for free and actively discourages and/or shuts down any attempt to share cards created by some of their most loyal and creative customers.

Most notably, Scott Simkus had a beautiful set of 1933-34 Pittsburgh Crawford Strat-O-Compatible cards that he had created and was offering in conjunction with his weekly digital newsletter, The Outsider Baseball Bulletin.

Intended to be released in serial fashion, 1 or 2 per issue, Simkus was only able to offer 16 of 26 cards before this cryptic note ended up in the May 15, 2013 issue of OBB: Read more…

On This Day in History: 1969
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Posted by Paul on July 4, 2015 | Short Link

Happy Independence Day, America!

bouton quoteOn this day 46 years ago (July 4, 1969), centerfielder Bob Oliver of the Kansas City Royals came up to bat in the eighth inning with the bases loaded against Jim Bouton of the Seattle Pilots. It was a battle of expansion clubs, neither of which were faring well in their first season.

On this day, however, Oliver and the Royals had the baseball Gods on their side. Oliver rolled a 3-6 and hit the split number (17) to club the first Grand Slam in KC Royals history. The Royals went on to beat the Pilots 13-2 that day.

In his book Ball Four, Bouton writes:

It was a terrible day to work. With one pitch I undid all the good work I’ve been doing for weeks. I gave up five earned runs in a big one and one-third innings. I couldn’t get my knuckleball over. I felt uncoordinated on the mound, and I threw one to Gene Oliver [sic] with the bases loaded that spun, and he knocked it over the center-field wall. On the bus some son of a bitch asked me if it was the longest home run I ever gave up.”

I’ve already had an order for a Custom Scorebook for the 1969 Kansas City Royals – who among you will be the first to order a 1969 Seattle Pilots Custom Scorebook and take on a replay of Bouton’s infamous Ball Four year?

oliver and bouton

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