Preacher Roe and Uncanny Events

Preacher Roe hit his only career home run versus Bob Hall of the Pittsburgh Pirates in July 1953. Johnny Hetki came in to relieve Hall later in that game.

Account of Preacher Roe's only career home run, from the Milwaukee Journal, July 8, 1953

It’s July 25th in my 1953 Brooklyn Dodgers replay, and in a game against the Pirates in Pittsburgh, Preacher Roe just missed hitting a Grand Slam versus Johnny Hetki after Hetki had come on to relieve Bob Hall.

I don’t keep track of these kinds of uncanny events, mostly because I probably don’t realize when most of them occur. If Roe had hit a solo home run early in this game, would I have gone back to the boxscores and found the analogous event in real life? I don’t know.

Have you ever had an event occur in one of your replays that mirrored a real-life occurrence?

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  1. The one that comes to mind happened in my APBA baseball league. I had Mark McGwire for years as my first baseman. In 1999, he had the monster card after breaking the all-time MLB record for homeruns. It was a 1-1-1-5-5, I think.
    Our league record for homeruns was 69 set by Rafael Palmeiro a few years earlier. Big Mac was having a banner year with that card and nearing the record.
    But it wasn’t until his very last at-bat in the last game of the year that he hit #70 and broke our league record.
    So not only did he match his actual 70 homerun total but he also broke our league record as well. We also won the league World Series that year šŸ™‚

    As an epilogue, McGwire broke his own record the next year with a slightly less powerful card with 71 homeruns. He did that in his last at-bat of the year as well.
    I miss Mark McGwire. šŸ™‚


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