Project Scorebook – The Reviews Are In!

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  • My scorebook was delivered today and it looks fabulous. very well put together and should be perfect for my project. This will be a everlasting artifact of my replay and should hold all applicable information and notes chronologically to tell a story. I usually go way above and beyond with a binder, but this looks like it will blow that away.Ryan
  • My project scorebook arrived at 11:00 AM today. I can let everyone know that Paul has described the book exactly as it came to me. Same thrill as when I open the box for the new card set! Can’t wait to begin. Thanks Paul for a great idea.Shea Smith
  • Must say this is an outstanding project/production! Let me know when the custom edition is ready to go….will order immediately. Getting one of my projects going tonight. It will now be much easier to proceed. Thanks! Jerry Hines
  • Received My Baseball Project Scorebook on Monday June 15th. It is Awesome! Can’t wait to get Started with My 1975 Stratomatic Boston Red Sox. Thanks Paul, This Scorebook was Long Overdue for The Tabletop Baseball Junkies!“cs38”
  • And finally, from Tim Plum of PT Games:

    “I want to write a few words in support of Paul Dylan’s newest endeavor, the Baseball Scorebook.

    I received my print copy in packaging that was more than sufficient for the task. Way to go Lulu for that! The book was wrapped in bubble wrap and then shrink wrapped to a cardboard backing. The book itself is very well laid out with a black cover and the pages are spiral bound. The front and back covers are standard stock plastic coating pages and the interior paper is a standard 20# stock with a tight spiral bounding. I can see the book taking a lickin’ and keep on tickin.

    The cover has a space to write or affix a label to name your project, for me I don’t play enough games to develop a full replay so I will probably use the pages to keep track of individual or series games that I do complete.

    Onto the interior pages. The inside page has space to name the project or anything else you want to say and the next few pages are large grids with space for notes about your project (One of the pages has this as a title). Then we come to a Notes page with horizontal lines.

    Turn the page and the project really begins. I see a page to keep running totals for batters and a page for pitchers with roles defined and a myriad of standard stat columns. Next up is 4 pages for schedule with the usual column headers. Turn the page and a Depth Chart page. Next up is a lineups page for multiple lineups as primary, vs. RHP or vs. LHP.

    The next couple page are an interesting addition for the true replayer. Space for 8 games, per inning score, notes and pitcher of records. Then a really cool idea for a space for league notes and a standings board for 19 teams. Turn the page and voila the meat of the book. The scoresheet. All of the usual bells and whistles with space for 12 at bats! After 12 pages (I think) we come to another couple pages for updating the total stats and the league 8 game review with standings page. The back of the book contains 10 pages of grid space for notes.

    The Good – Well laid out, nice gentle line thickness for the many lines and the totals pages are handy to keep a running look at the team. Easily a full baseball season replay can be stored and reviewed for years to come.

    The Bad, well not so bad, some nitpicks – On the opposite pages of the 8 game recaps the Date boxes on the left have the center box gray while the right side page boxes are all gray. The boxscore pages allow for 12 innings and the 12 inning is so named. Perhaps leave that inning number blank so if I go to 18 innings I write in 18. Tabs to affix to pages. Specifically I’m thinking of some way to note the totals page so I can refer back when I add the games up instead of flipping pages. Maybe a tab or bookmark to allow the user to bookmark the last page used and close the book. I can see a little frustration 100 games in and having to find the last page used 3 months after my last game and last is to add a page or two on how to score a baseball game. I know there are many ways but choose one, major league baseball has a page among several I found. Anyway as I said mostly nitpicks on the bad.

    Overall I give the book an A. Go out and buy it!”

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