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The video above is an introduction to a new product I’ll be offering soon: a fully customizable scorebook for keeping track of an entire replay season. I’m interested in your feedback. What is the prototype missing? What would this score book need in order to entice you to buy? How much would you be willing to pay?

Any comments or emails with any feedback whatsoever will get a FREE PDF copy of the prototype 1973 Oakland A’s score book that you see in the video.

I really just want to make something really awesome that my fellow baseball simulation game enthusiasts would love to use! Let’s make this the best scorebook any of us has ever used!

Some of its features:

  • enough pages to score 190 games (that’s 162 + playoffs + a few more just for the heck of it!)
  • cover customized to your project
  • spiral binding – you’ll never lose a score card or have loose pages all over your desk again!
  • complete real-life statistics for your team, for quick reference
  • a short essay customized to your season and/or team, written by Paul Dylan exclusively for your unique score book
  • complete as-played schedule for your team, including starting pitchers
  • a depth-chart diagram, where you can fill out your club’s depth chart for each position, for handy reference throughout the season
  • an additional 152 abbreviated score cards to keep track of other games throughout the league
  • blank stat reports included after every 20 games for gamers who like to keep stats manually throughout the season
  • complete real-life game results for quick reference

It’s the perfect solution to a problem you might not have even known you had. Once you use the Project Scorebook, you’ll never go back to your old way again!

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  1. Paul, interesting concept for the season replayer and one who keeps stats manually. I use a computer to score and track results, so it’s not for me. I do wonder if waiting 20 games to update stats would make it a real chore.

    It looks well thought out and laid out. And the thought that going through my head about this, is what a piece of literature you would have once it was finished. I can imagine pulling that out a month, year, or years after and reading just like a book. What a masterpiece!

    Good luck with the project.

  2. only two slots for each slot in the batting order … I have found to be insufficient, and too messy on the occasions I need more. Particularly that ninth slot (unless, I suppose, you are playing AL games?). That ninth slot, I have found, often needs five or more slots.

    • Agreed. I like 3-4 slots per spot & in the NL that last spot tends to take 1 or 2 more than that- although the book I use has about 12 batting order slots with 3 slots in each spot & I tend to just carry over into those extra slots for the pitchers spot.

  3. Great idea, well thought out and very practical. Love the fact you have spots periodically to track stats and the rest of the league as well. The scoresheets appear to be able to handle any of the games we play too with room for ratings, etc.. Might be just the thing for people who just can’t seem to make it through a complete replay.

  4. This is GREAT…ready to place an order. I like to keep my own stats, so this is perfect. Any idea about cost….although that really does not matter….would be worth the price no matter what! Jerry

  5. I would purchase this in a heartbeat. OCD gamer’s dream! I would prefer to have Team stat sheets every ten games rather than every 20 games, but other than that it looks superb.

  6. The book looks great Paul! Good idea.

    As someone who only does historical replays between projects my suggestions take the customization of the book one step further I think. I play a 20 team fictional league like our Freaks League where each team plays 75 games. That would be 750 games- which I guess would be about 4 of these books. It’d be cool if the book was broken up into series with the basic team/game info pre printed on the page.

    In cases like this (fictional leagues) there would be no need for historical results & statistics. Maybe allow the customer to replace some of those options with things like blank league leader pages, league wide team rosters & depth charts at the beginning of each book and a schedule of all the series being played.

    As for the team summary at the beginning of each book maybe the customer could provide you with some info about their team/league (previous season records, league leaders, fun facts etc) that you could then use to write up a preseason synopsis.

    As for pricing- the basic book I use cost about $7 & I use 4-5 (each team takes 1 page unlike yours that have both teams on a page) of them per season. You want to mark yours up for all the customization & labor you provide but not so much that customers feel it’s overpriced. So, $10 a book? If it was possible to get a book personally customized & get an entire leagues season (like my shortened schedule) in one book I’d be willing to pay $20-$25 for it.

    Whatever the price I think it’s a great idea & I hope you do well with it. If you ever want to brainstorm some ideas just let me know! Good luck!

  7. Solid idea, one I’ve often tried to put some mindshare to.

    I’ve never been a fan of that particular scoresheet, though. I’ve used it. I have yet to hit on the perfect APBA scoresheet that has enough slots for subs (especially, as has been mentioned, in a pre-DH or NL replay situation at the bottom of the order) and has areas to put in pitchers’ grades and letters, enough space to write in the actual boxes what happened and extra innings accommodation.

    To me, the scoresheet is key. But the idea is a good one for those who do single-team replays and I have no doubt some folks would like it.

  8. I would buy it now. Looks like what I have been looking for.

  9. Looks fantastic! I do two replays per season, one American and one National
    Awesome stuff!!!! Would be very interested in this product

  10. Not sure if this could be done but looking for actual boxscores in a single team replay.

  11. I have been looking for a scorebook, and have not found the right one. This looks like it could be what I have been looking for. I agree with the comments about needing more substitute slots. Let me know when it’s available for order.

  12. I think it’s awesome! Personally, I don’t do season replays, so I’d like to have the option of a generic cover so I could write in my own information. As for price… For a season specific book with all of your additions, I’d say $20 is fair… For a generic book geared toward hobby play or league play… Maybe $10-15…

    Looks good though… I like it.

  13. Wow! This is like a dream come true! Please keep me in the loop when you get a cost and are ready for production

  14. Paul,
    I think this product is terrific and would be a valued addition to a season replay. I already do something very similar with my season replay projects…but I love your added “extras”. With a fast screen-shot glance of your scoresheet page, I could not tell if there was a linescore for each game….which, in my opinion, would be a must. I personally like more lines for subs in the 9th spot in the lineup, as well as larger boxes…as a result, my scoresheets are double-sided for each game. I think, for what you are offering, a price point of about $20 would likely get me as a customer. For those that like to do replays with “As-Played Lineups”, it would be great if you could populate the starting lineups (pitchers) for each game. Best of luck with this great idea!

  15. Really neat idea! I do an occasional single team replay so this opportunity would be great for those. But most of my games are using the entire league so maybe blank pages where teams involved and pitching matchups could be entered by user would work for me. On the other hand after I have played a game and then entered that game into PC game I have been discarding the score sheet altogether. This may defeat my purpose. lol lol

  16. This is really nice. I’m not much into team replays. The only one I’ve done in a long time was the 1952 Detroit Tigers, but that said, I could see where it would be really nice to have that data all in one space. As it is now, the scoresheets are in a large pile of other finished scoresheets. I just look at those things, wonder if I’m ever going to look at them again and for some reason just keep them the way they are. I can see myself looking at a notebook like that much differently since it would have everything packed together in one nice spot.

    I’d love to see these done for league season replays as well, particularly the eight-team league era where you could probably get about four (maybe five) of these books to complete a season. That would create other challenges. It would involve more depth chart pages. It would involve more stat pages throughout the season. But all that said, I think it would work. Maybe it would have to be five books since you’d have to eliminate some of the boxscores for the additional pages needed for the “extras.”

    But I guess cost is the huge issue here. I am a person who purchased spiral notebooks for about two decades when school supplies came out and the things would be under 10 cents. Now that those deals are now usually above a dime, I literally have about 150 of those notebooks. I guess that shows you how much of a penny-pincher I can be. 🙂 I’ve never purchased scoresheets from a company in my life. So while I know there would be some individuals willing to drop down a nice total for the product, I know there would be a lot of people like me saying “Well, for the price of X notebooks, I could actually purchase another set of cards.” This will be the challenge.

    Back to the plus side – if I did have these for a season replay, I could easily see myself being more motivated. Each book would represent a nice chunk of the season. It’s a motivating end. Each break in the scoresheets (maybe you’d have to do 10-day periods for a season replay set) would be a sub-plot to the larger sub-plot and create motivation to get to the next stat sheet break.

    About the statsheet breaks – I know I would love the statsheets. I keep pencil and paper stats. I’d probably still keep my data in some other notebook, but with each break in the personalized notebook, I’d write my data in the spaces you provide. This way I’d have a nice clean break where I can judge portions of seasons with other portions. I really love that idea.

    I love the extra pages for the “extra” games. In my 1952 Tiger Replay, I typically liked to play the last game a future opponent played just to give that team a chance to experience injuries and/or create a reasonably decent scenario about the team’s bullpen condition entering the Tigers’ series. But in a season replay, I’d probably use those pages to write details about the best games in that period I just completed. It’s a great place to list no-hitters, milestone games (“Hey, Ty Cobb just got his 4,000th hit” games), three homer games and stuff like that. I never remember how many of those types of games I have. It would be nice to have a place to check out some of those highlights.

    Maybe I missed it, but one thing I’d like to see added is a game log for the season I’m actually playing. I know I saw where you had starting pitcher game logs and the actual season game logs, but I don’t remember seeing one for the season I’m actually playing, minus the actual scoresheet. On the log, I’d leave a place for game #, date, score, opposition, pitchers used and a spot for additional information like potential injuries that happened. I list mine day-by-day regardless if there is a game or not scheduled. The blank lines are a great visual to understand when days off are coming. Maybe for DH days, change the color (or italic) the DHs so you can see when they are coming.

    Like I said, price would be the question. I don’t know how much something like this would cost. And I think regardless how much it is, you’ll get some takers.

    Great idea.

  17. I don’t do team replays, only season replays. Am looking for a generic score book option. I also think having 3 slots per batting order position is a good idea. Keep me in the loop. I would appreciate it. For a generic option, I think $10 – $12 would be a good price. For specific team replays, $20 – $22 seems a fair price.

  18. Absolutely love it. Great idea.

  19. This is very interesting, will be keeping an eye on this for sure.

  20. Paul,
    I really like the scorebook. One addition I’d like to see is the incorporation of R/H/E/LOB at the end of every inning. Also as others have mentioned, a generic version for other projects……Great idea, thanks for keeping scoring by hand alive.

  21. I think it looks great. I like the depth chart. I don’t do as-played replays, I like for my seasons to take on a life of their own, letting guys play their way into and out of the lineup, and I can see where that would make it faster setting up the games. Keep up the good work, this is a very good idea.

  22. Huh, this is a pretty cool idea. Would have been great to have when I did a 2004 Red Sox replay.

    I do wonder how/if it could be adapted, somehow to a full season replay, and not one team. I guess there would be some logistical issues with that though, considering how it is currently setup. Something I will have to give some thought to.

    As for pricing, I am in the same boat as most of the other folks, I think that anywhere between 20-30 would be a good price for something like this, with all of the leg work you are doing with it.

  23. This is right up my alley! I score games by hand and print out scoresheets and keep them in folders. The folders get to be a bit of a mess, and it is hard to access older games right off the bat, and I’m too lazy to use a hole punch and put them in binders……….then came your replay scorebook idea! It looks awesome.

  24. what a great idea – I have completed a few season replays of baseball (team 162 games) – this would have been an ideal tool – love the clean design and the every 20 game stat updated record keeping ability – i would pay $25 per project for this without hesitation — I have to ask – I have completed over a dozen hockey single season replays — any thoughts of expanding the offering to hockey?? best wishes for a huge success on this rollout – count me in!!

  25. For those doing single team or full season replays, this is a great idea. I like the fact that this will have the leg work done up front as far as schedules, line up and synopsis of team being replayed. That’s a big thing for me in doing a replay, so having that work done up front is a must. I have to agree, with some other posters regaring the number of entrie for the #9 slot, especially for those doing NL Replays. I would be all over something like this. One last thing, twenty games might be a bit much to go back and tally for stats. Maybe after a couple of series or so would be better. I like the idea and just so happen plan on doing a 1973 Oakland A’s project.

  26. Billy Ray Johnson

    Paul, Excellent, Innovative and well thought out. My only thought is the batting box more room to put info in. Being both a roller and a Computer player I really see the use of this. Have you given any thought to making custom binders or something of that nature for the computer players? Just a thought.

  27. I’m really picky about scorebooks, so i’d have to see it in person. The 10 game split for stats is pretty good as is the number of games. I’m leery of 2 spots per batting order, but can make it work. I’d be worried about price. I can only imagine the cost to print and to make it worth your while… not sure what you would have to charge. Anyway, looking forward to the release!

  28. I find the comments about the lack of space for names interesting. I look at most of the game sheets I’ve used in the past and they typically have one box. The length of the boxes seem pretty long and you could probably get two names in each box (especially box No. 9) if you wanted to. And then, there’s the second box. It seems I could get four names, and probably a few more to the far right if need be.

    If I wanted there to be an error one way or the other, I’d rather see it stay the way it is instead of making so many boxes that may be pointless for many games, and then ruin the possibility of using that space for other means.

    I have been interested seeing that comment quite frequently. It makes me realize I must keep score much differently than quite a few gamers since I’ve never really had this issue with any scoresheet I’ve had.

  29. This would be an insta-buy for me!!!

  30. Paul, this really looks great. I like the idea of having one book that would include a full season replay. Off hand I can’t think of anything I would like to add to the book. As far as price goes, I would imagine a realistic price would have to be at least $30.00, if not more. I’m sure that some would find that to be too high a price, but considering the price of the materials, the cost of putting the book together, and the fact that it would be customized, I can’t imagine that your cost wouldn’t be close to that price. Plus, you need to make a profit. Regardless of what it costs, I see myself, and hopefully many others, getting multiple books. With this effort along with your website and your magazine, you are a great asset to the hobby. You deserve all our thanks.

  31. This is outstanding. I have been thinking of going to a printer to do the same thing with blank scorecards. Currently planning a replay of the White Sox 2005 season and would purchase in a minute!

  32. I would buy this now! Would like a blank game log form for my project. Also would like a set of books to allow a full season replay (972 games for National League 12 teams season).

  33. Paul

    Very nice and detailed product. I do infrequent seasons like this but do more of shorter seasons where i play all the games. For full seasons of one team i would buy this product at whatever you price it b3cause of the importance of organizing those seasons for me.

    I think 3+ spaces per lineup position is critical for NL pitching especially but 2 spaces is definitely limiting for all games. Another customization you might want to do is find the “big” games in the season your customer purchases and suggest those as games to be manually played. Maybe Clemens vs Pedro in the early 2000s or Baumgartner vs Kershaw this year, etc. Probably wouldnt take too much effort to isolate maybe 10 classic matchups any manager would want to play during any season.

    Good job!

  34. I don’t do team replays but would like a generic/blank score book. Also I couldn’t tell. Are there spots on the right for po, assists and errors? Looks pretty slick.

  35. I’m going to do the 1953 Dodgers. Will your score book auto fill the as played starting lineups for me too?

  36. This is a great idea! But I enjoy playing non-DH seasons and it would be nice to have a couple of more open slots in the 9th position for additional pinch hitters. Compiling statistics after 10 games would be more doable than 20 games. Overall, the scorebook is a winner. And for playing a single team through a 154 or 162 game season, this makes the process more tidy with less clutter (single score sheets everywhere).

  37. This is such a great idea. I’ve started a 1980 replay for two teams and would love something like this. I’d suggest adding some pages with the rosters of the other teams (or at least the regular lineup and rotation) so you can quickly glance at them when setting lineups.

  38. Looks like a great idea to me. Adding some pages for rosters of other teams sounds like a good idea but understand that you don’t want it to be dictionary size.

  39. Wow. That’s gorgeous. I tend to do short season replays rather than replaying with just *one* team, although I will do that from time to time with Diamond Mind Baseball. Although I have considered doing it with a tabletop game. This might inspire me to do that, actually…
    A few thoughts as you went through it.
    1. When you showed the 2-page spread that included a place to put standings, it only held space for 7 teams in each division. What if you are doing a season where there were 8 teams in each league? Could this be customized based on the year you are replaying?
    2. On the scorecard pages, I think I’d have less use for the diamond with the dots showing player positions (I assume this is for something like jotting in the fielding ratings?) than I would for just extending the rows for the pitcher lines with a column labeled “Notes” or something. For example, I’d want to track pitcher rest there or something, like “Rest 3 games”.
    3. When you showed the pages at the back with the actual team’s Game Results, that’s cool. But would also like an area for you to jot in your *own* replay’s Game Results, complete with score, opponent, W/L/S pitchers, Streak, etc.
    4. Only having 2 spaces for the 9 lineup spots is a little limiting. I’d try to get 3 to fit in there instead or (at least for NL games where the pitcher bats 9th, just add another two rows to the bottom. That way you’d essentially have 6 lines for the 9 spot in the lineup, spanning 3 rows.

    As it is now, I’d probably pony up about $30 for such a thing.

  40. I really like the concept for this scorebook. The idea of tracking the replay stats vs. the real stats throughout the season is what I want the most. The more daily info included the better such as lineups, league leaders, etc.

  41. When will you be prepared for a custom order?

  42. I will definitely be buying multiple books whenever you launch. I’d pay $30 or more, easily.

  43. I’d like to add that one feature that I would like to see is for an added page that acted as a pocket or folder so that I could store any additional pages of material that I may be using to supplement my replay.

  44. I would absolutely love this scorebook. Will you deliver overseas?? I’m in the UK and can’t get hold of a decent scorebook at all!
    What I’d really like is a league scorebook. I tend to play 2 fictional leagues with 5 teams in each playing about 40 games for each league then a World Series between the 2 winners.

  45. This is the type of item that would make me complete a season replay. Being able to look at both the actual stats and results vs. the replay in one book is a very cool idea. I agree that space would be tight sometimes with the two spots, but all the other formatted score sheets I have used also have two.Not a big deal for me. I’d pony up to $20 to get a product like this. Is there an estimate for cost yet or time when the project could be launched? Thanks.

  46. I love this idea, I would want a better option for substitutes for pitchers as most of my replays are National League.

  47. Manuel Martínez

    Fantastic idea Paul. I haven’t done any season replays but have always thought about it. Having something like this might do the trick. Having something tangible, in one place with everything you need, would be really attractive, useful and perfect to sit down during the course of the replay or after its completion and reminisce about it. The extra space ideas would be welcome, for the few times when it’s needed. Would love to have a discount for multiple books – don’t know if there are any savings, though. Please keep me posted as I’d most likely get one as soon as it’s available.

  48. Just placed my order for two copies. Was just about to start a replay so this works out great. Best of luck with your new item…very reasonable pricing.

  49. Holy Mackerel! Where has this been all my life??!! This looks awesome. I always thought I could print this out myself and do something like this on my own, but for the time saved in having this done for me I can knock out quite a few more actual games!!
    The only thing I would recommend doing different would be to add a few more lines below the 9th batter (space permitting) for PH’ers and RP’s. Otherwise I think it looks amazing!

  50. Great idea…I really like this. Something I would like to see added (if possible of course) would be a section to see your scheuled upcoming starters (if not doing a replay – using my own rotation) this way I can see potential match ups vs rest. I also like to see a section to record and keep track on injuries.

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