PT Games to Release Updated Version of Avalon Hill’s Title Bout

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According to Tim Plum, President and Founder, PT Games has acquired exclusive license to produce and distribute the boxing classic, Title Bout. The new game will be called Advanced Title Bout.

With an official license from the game creators, PT Games is re-releasing the boxing classic Title Bout. [image from]

According to Plum, this new PT Games release of Title Bout promises to “bring back the greatness of the original” and to add a “few new wrinkles.” Created by legendary game designers Jim and Tom Trunzo, the brothers are involved in the redesign and rerelease of the game, though to what extent is still unclear.

One thing is for certain: the game board will be getting a makeover. According to Plum, “Jim Trunzo hated the original game board that Avalon Hill put out. We’re going to put out something that’s a lot closer to his original vision.”

Title Bout was first published and sold by Avalon Hill in the late 1970’s. Officially out-of-print for over 20 years, numerous copies and unauthorized card sets for the game have been sold on the secondary market since Avalon Hill folded. Most recently, an unauthorized fan-created set of All-Time Great Heavyweights being sold on ebay was met with a public Cease and Desist order from Jim Trunzo on the Delphi Forums.

In recent years, PT Games has had success updating, augmenting and republishing out-of-print titles. Football Bones is an updated version of Statis Pro Football, created with the original game designer’s blessing. Hockey Bones is a new, officially licensed version of Face-Off Pro Hockey. In this regard, PT Games’ release of Title Bout seems to fit within Plum’s direction for PT Games. These republications of out-of-print titles have seen success with the loyal fans of the original titles, and have generally been praised as faithful and worthy releases.

Click on the image below to see PT Games’ press release announcing the licensing of what was once an Avalon Hill product and what will be called Advanced Title Bout in its new iteration.

Click to see press release at full size

Click to download PDF of Press Release

[10:27am PST – post edited to clarify that the name of the new game will be “Advanced Title Bout”]

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  1. That’s tremendous news. Title Bout was my absolute favorite boxing game from the time I first purchased it back in 1979. Fun, well-designed, and capturing the flavor of boxing, Title Bout was a great game that I’m sure will be even better now. I will be among the first in line to order it.

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