RIP Joaquin Andujar

Andujar 1985 Strat card

The picture below was posted by Robinson Cano on his Instagram account today. My Spanish is only ok, but I’ll attempt to translate (any native speakers, please correct me if I’m wrong):

[Andujar’s loss is] a great sadness for all fans of baseball, especially Dominicans. But much more than that, we had the honor of sharing closely with you and learning from your example. You always said that I was going to make the big leagues, and I learned enough from you that I will always live with gratitude for you. Rest in peace.

I’ve been playing a 1985 National League Strat-O-Matic replay for literally years now, just playing games as I feel like it with no timetable for completion. It started out as a replay of the starts of 1985 Cy Young candidates John Tudor, Dwight Gooden and Fernando Valenzuela. Since I decided to move the replay from C&D to the computer, it has morphed into a season replay where I play whatever games look interesting to me on any given day.

The replay has reached the middle of September, and the Cardinals have been stellar. Joaquin Andujar leads the team with 19 wins and has a 2.95 ERA. The highlight of his season so far was when he threw back-to-back shutouts in August.

Though the 62 year-old Andujar passed on to the next life today, it’s awesome to be able to recreate and relive the glory of his youth through these simulated games.

1985 Cardinals pitching stats through game 139

1985 Cardinals pitching stats through game 139

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