Rob Bernier Demos NPNG+ Board Reader

Many of you may know Rob Bernier from his website,, where “RONBO’s Ultimate Replay Guides” (reference guides for gamers undertaking as-played baseball replays) are sold in the name of “Doing the heavy lifting so you don’t have to!” Ron is knowledgeable and passionate about the tabletop-sports hobby and is an asset to the community.

The video below is Ron’s demonstration of the newest additions to the free National Pastime Next Generation + Board Reader.

The NPNG+ Board Reader is a free baseball simulation game in the form of a Microsoft Excel macro-enabled spreadsheet. It allows you to play NPNG+ on your computer. Over 20 seasons are available for the Board Reader today.

The spreadsheet and season data can be downloaded for free at Watch the demo below to see the newest additions to the program.

You can also learn more about the NPNG+ and its board reader by going to the Delphi Forum dedicated to the game.

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