Saturday Morning Classic Soccer

One hazard of living in the Pacific Northwest is that your early spring softball practices are often rained out. Today’s alternate plan? A little 2012 MLS action.

I’ve reached Matchday 7 of my 2012 MLS replay, playing nearly every game on the entire schedule. This is game #64, the final game of this Matchday, a replay of the 4/22/2012 match that was won 4-1 by DC United in real life on the strength of a Chris Pontius hat-trick.

For those of you familiar with Classic Soccer, you may notice a few customized game components on my table. The scoresheet (downloadable here) is my creation, as is the “Cheat Sheet” that you see on the far right. The game board that you see on the center of the table was not my original creation, but you may notice that I use it in my own way.

Because I found that calculating defense rating for each zone each time I moved the ball was slowing me down, I came up with the solution you see in the pic. What I do is pre-calculate each team’s defense adjustment for each zone and then write that down on the pitch. I use that masking tape because it’s easier than re-printing the pitch each time. A white board would probably be easiest.

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  1. Joaquim Oliveira

    Do you know of any video about APBA soccer ? I’m trying to check how the system works because I saw a video about the soccer game from Plaay games and I didn’t like it too much .

    • Hi Joaquim – I don’t know of any videos out there that show somebody actually playing the game. I would like to make one someday, but I don’t know when I’ll have the time.

      I would recommend APBA Soccer in a heartbeat, though. I love the game and have played many, many matches with it. The company recently released a couple of All-Time World Cup Great Teams sets, as well as a set for last year’s Apertura season of Liga MX. To me, the release of those niche products indicates a great commitment to the game and to the fans. I recommend APBA Soccer to anyone who is interested in tabletop soccer at all.

      If you’re interested in more soccer game reviews, you should take a look at the Summer 2014 issue of Print Edition. It has lots of info on soccer games. Good luck! Let us know what you decide!


      • Joaquim Oliveira

        Thanks I was just going to order the issue 1 that talks about soccer games but it says that it’s sold out of the print edition , do you have any copy left somewhere there ?? I’ll get the game but I am curios if you have the so called new edition of the game that brings some changes , I think fast action cards and some others , thanks !!!!

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