Official OneForFive Baseball Scorecard

Here it is, by popular demand, a free download of the one page baseball scoresheet that I created all by myself and that I use for all baseball games nowadays.

My favorite thing about it, besides that it’s only one page and doesn’t require any flipping, I also like the little fielding chart where I enter the fielders’ ratings. It’s so much easier for me to visualize my fielders this way.

Here is a link to the excel file for download in case you’d like to edit it in any way you need.

Here is a link to a pdf of the scoresheet.


oneforfive scorecard

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  1. Thank you for sharing! Not only is this good for APBa, but it is perfect for Ballpark baseball too.

  2. I started using this last year. It fills in the line ups for you. It’s slick. And Free!

  3. Hi, May I add this to the community created scoresheets section on my website? Thanks, Ken

  4. You really needed at least two more lines for each team for substitutions in the number 9 hole.

    • Hi Mike,

      Thanks for the feedback. Your comment about the extra lines for the ninth spot in the lineup was actually something I’ve heard a lot. In the revised version of this scoresheet that is used for the Custom Scorebooks (for sale here: there are four total lines for the ninth spot. I’ve also added a spot to total runs/hits at the bottom of the column for each inning. Your comment did remind me that I need to add the revised version of the scoresheet to the blog for download, too. I’ll add a link here once it’s up later tonight.

      Thank you!

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