Site Stats – December 2011

Back in this post I promised that in the interest of transparency I would provide updated site stat reports each month.  I hope that these reports are interesting to you, as they are to me.

Google Analytics was installed on the site on November 26th, so  a report for November like this doesn’t exist.  The results from December were eye-opening and exciting, though.  Thanks to everyone of you out there who has read the site and passed links around, we have nearly doubled pretty much all of November’s numbers.

I don’t expect to double December’s numbers in January, but wouldn’t it be awesome?

The numbers, in a pretty picture: site stats, per Google Analytics - December, 2011


All indications of the site's popularity were positive in December


What a great and encouraging month!  Here are a few things I’ve noticed:

  •   9 of the top 10 posts (in terms of number of views) are articles I’ve written, not results from my replays
  • continues to rise in Google search results, especially Google Image searches.  2 of the top 4 images for APBA Soccer right now are from
  •   The “Strat-o-holic” post was the most personal thing I’ve written yet, and it had by far the most views, comments and links.  I had so many emails and tweets and posts on other forums – the sense of belonging and community that post brought was the best thing that this site has done, in my eyes.
  •   There aren’t many sites like this one, if any.  The closest analog that I’ve found is, but that is specific to APBA games.  Are there any blogs out there that review and talk about tabletop sports sims in general, while providing a log of personal gaming experience, too?  If you know of any that fall into the same class of blog as this one, please let me know in the comments.  I’d love to read them.

I hope that you are enjoying this site and its early-stage evolution.  I am having a great time sharing here, and I hope that you’ll keep following along as the site (hopefully) grows in readership.

For those of you that have blogs out there, can you help me out with a little unbiased advice?  Obviously, growth is a positive sign, but what should I be doing to continue to grow the blog?  How can I encourage more participation and/or encourage more blogs and sites to link to oneforfive?  I would love to hear advice from those of you who have some blogging expertise.  I’m just a sports guy who likes to write, I don’t know much about SEO or “blogging” as a profession or anything like that.

All the best,


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  1. I for one really enjoy your One for Five blog. Your writing style is what is most interesting kinda “reality TV” style, except about sports table top gaming. I really like your Thursday morning click through too. While not turning this site into a board game reviewing site, your take on a few more games every now and then would be interesting. Keep up the great work.



  2. I appreciate the kind words, Russ. Thank you for reading and for the comment. I will be reviewing more games as I finish up what I’ve been working on. I’ve been so wrapped up in the three projects I have going right now (2010 MLS, 1986 World Cup, 1985 NL Cy Young) that those are taking all my gaming time. I have a lot of other stuff I’m looking forward to, though, including a few new games. I hope you keep coming back!

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