Sneak Peak: Cover Art for Spring Issue

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  1. Is that a rubber band on those baseball cards in the background?! ahhhhhh!

    • Haha, Joe! That is a rubber band, but that isn’t a stack of baseball cards. It’s actually the 1982 California Angels for Payoff Pitch. I put one 1982 Topps card on top of each team instead of using a team card or envelope.

      Payoff Pitch cards are the same size as baseball cards, which is awesome. The challenge with each team set, however, is that Payoff Pitch provides cards for everybody, which makes team sets really thick. I haven’t found a way to store team sets for this game that works better than good ol’ fashioned rubber bands.

  2. Excellent artwork.

  3. Really great work Paul! Always exciting when we get close to your next issue, looks like this one will focus on some “non-traditional” sports favorites.

  4. Would love to see APBA bring back its bowling game. Some might view it simply as an exercise in dice rolling, but the main strike/spare board seemed to amp up the pressure nicely in the eighth to 10th frames.

  5. Are you going to have any freebies in this issue?

    • Hi Laura,

      Yes, there are going to be some freebies in this issue, though I can’t yet announce what they will be. As soon as I can, I will!


  6. Oh Cricket. I saw a special on Cricket about 2 weeks ago and it sparked my interest. It was about India’s best all time player and him finally winning the championship in perhaps his last season. Or second to last season.

    I wish they broadcast cricket games here in the US on basic cable. Your cover looks good so far.

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