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Last year, oneforfive.com sponsored the Baseball-Reference page of Mario Mendoza, the man whose name is synonymous with going one-for-five.

This year, I wanted to choose a different player whose batting average was around that so-called “Mendoza Line,” and who was also an intriguing character in baseball history.

The young Billy R. Hamilton – that is, not the old Billy R. Hamilton – is the choice this year. Granted, at the moment Hamilton’s career ML batting average (through 14 at bats) is .429, but based on scouting reports and considering he struggled to hit .259 over a full season at AAA this year, it’s reasonable to project his 2014 average to be closer to .200 than it is to .300.

There hasn’t been a ballplayer like Hamilton in quite some time, though for this year the player he most resembles in recent memory is 2011 Jarrod Dyson.

Jarrod Dyson 2010

Billy Hamilton’s 2013 Strat Card will be even better than this 2010 Jarrod Dyson card.


I tried to get a copy of the 2011 Jarrod Dyson Strat card and I realized that I didn’t order the “Extra Players” set for 2011. Dangit. I never seem to use the Extra Players when I order them, and I always need them when I don’t. But I digress. Anyway – click on the 2010 Jarrod Dyson card to the right and check out those stealing numbers. Hamilton’s numbers will be near, maybe better than that.

Billy Hamilton BB-Ref

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  1. Hamilton is going to be a MONSTER. I really can’t wait to see the SB numbers he puts up this year.

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