Sports Gaming Coverage on The Dice Tower

Congratulations to Steve Tower and his “After Further Review” tabletop-sports game video news & reviews blog for featuring in a new segment on the most recent edition of The Dice Tower’s “Board Game Breakfast.”

The Dice Tower is a video blog and podcast on the topic of board games. According to their site: “The Dice Tower is dedicated to getting folks to learn about the wide world of exciting new board games. We do video reviews, and an audio show, and more.”

The Dice Tower’s YouTube channel has 88,467 subscribers. The appearance of Steve’s segment (which he’s calling “Two Minute Drill”) to the wider audience of board gamers (who may not otherwise have had any exposure to the genre) is hopefully a harbinger of a future for sports games that includes more mainstream exposure.

When you click play on the embedded video below it should start around the 21:00 minute mark. AFR’s “Two Minute Drill” begins at 21:24.

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  1. Thanks Paul. It’s an exciting time and I hope this exposure will allow some new gamers to discover all the great sports board games out there that they may have never heard of.


  2. Tom is one of the most recognized individuals in the gaming world. He’s been a prolific reviewer of games for several years now, especially on I have been listening to his podcast for years. Last year, he took that role and went full time with it as his profession. This will truly expose the sports tabletop gaming world to thousands of additional folks.

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