Strat Baseball Daily Cards – First Look?

Why is it that the first actual pictures we’ve seen of Strat Daily are on an obscure website called “Sport Techie”?

These sure look like what we’d imagine the Strat-O-Matic Daily cards to look like, though these are clearly from the “Baseball 365” edition. Hopefully these cards will have the same or similar aesthetic look in the Windows PC version of the game. See below:




These cards are, apparently, the daily cards of Yoenis Cespedes as they evolved from September 15 – 17th of 2015. Here are his lines those days:

Sept 14 vs. Miami he went 1-for-3 with a home run and a strikeout versus lefty Justin Niccolino, and he drew an intentional walk against right-hander Kyle Barraclough.

Sept 15 vs Miami he went 0-for-4 with two strikeouts and a hit-by-pitch versus righthanders Tom Koehler and Brian Ellington. It’s interesting that on his Sept 16 card he has a slightly lower home run and doubles chances versus rightys compared to his card the day before, but HBP and strikeouts remain unchanged.

Sept 16 vs Miami, Cespedes again had an 0-for-4 with two strikeouts and didn’t manage to get on base at all. Three of those outs were against the lefty Adam Conley, and his last at-bat was a groundout against the right-handed Barraclough.

Notice the change in his Sept 17th card, though? He has more home run chances versus lefties on the Sept 17th card than he did the day before? How did that happen? Weird. September 17th was an off-day for the Mets, and Cespedes came back with another oh-fer on the 18th.

Am I missing something or do these cards defy logic?

UPDATE: In a post on StratFanForum, a Baseball Daily Beta Tester stated the following:

“The card image for Baseball Daily is exactly what it is in the computer game. I can’t remember whether there were any changes in what is shown–there might be something involved with clutch situations--but the card viewed during the computer game has essentially the same format that we’ve always had.” (emphasis mine)

So there goes any hope of seeing an updated graphic element in the 2016 version of Strat for Windows.

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  1. Yeah, this doesn’t interest me in the least. Strictly a replay/Draft league type guy, not interested in being a daily player in this format. Hope it works out well for the hobby in general, but I won’t be bothering with it.

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