Strat-o-Matic Minor League Seasons

Created by Gary Simonds as part of his 1934 Pacific Coast League roster set (free and downloadable at his MyOpera site)

This is a screenshot from Joe DiMaggio’s 1934 San Francisco Seals player notebook (I cropped out the spirals in the center).  If you haven’t yet, you’ll definitely want to take a look around Gary Simonds’ website.  It is a treasure trove for Strat-o-Matic fans.

Gary has created many Minor League, Japanese League, and College seasons that he distributes for the use of the Strat community.  His work is stellar.  For most seasons, the 1950 Strat season authorization is required on your computer.

I wonder how many 1950 season codes have been sold just to take advantage of Gary’s work.  It’s really tremendous stuff.

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  1. I don’t play Strat-O-Matic much, have the computer version. And the only reason I purchased the 1950 season was to be able to use Gary’s seasons. You’re right: he’s done a terrific job. And he also answered a question for me on one of the Strat forums that no one else had answered, even though it was an easy question. So, my hat’s off to Gary!

  2. Great Work, I Hope I Can Download the PCL Card Sets from the 1950s to do some C&D What if’s if MLB merges with the Pacific Coast League.

  3. I have the 1934 Strat set and the 34 PCL set and I’ve thought about doing a “What if” with those sets lots of times. If you included the Negro League players in that replay, you could have an AMAZING replay.

  4. Having worked on the minor league/Japanese seasons with Gary for the past 6 or 7 years, I can confirm that there is a lot of research and number crunching involved, and the ratings are to the best of our ability. It would be nice if the SOM community helped in the future; the more others help, the more stuff like this can be delivered. I don’t do it because I have a lot of free time (I don’t)…I do it strictly to provide a service to a subset (a small one, at that) of users in the SOM community who like non-MLB play.

    • can you guys release a downloadable c&d version of minor league seasons (especially 2008)? For those of us who still play c&d, it would be awesome. Thanks!

  5. Hey Mike – thank you for your work on these sets. The SOM community is immeasurably enriched by the stuff you and the other guys have done with regard to these sets. We all appreciate your additions to the hobby.


  6. Paul,

    Great blog – I will be a regular visitor. Thanks for the kind words about my site. I continue to be impressed with the people I meet through this hobby.


  7. Where can I find a 1967 National League comprehensive list of transactions? I’m looking for something that includes DL assignments and minor league callus.

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