Summer 2014 Print Edition Released

All PDF editions were sent in an email this morning. All print editions ordered through Friday, June 27 have been mailed, too. If you’ve ordered since then your magazine will be in the batch that goes to the post office today.

If you purchased either the PDF or the print edition and you haven’t received an email from me with the PDF attached, please let me know (email: and I’ll send it out to you right away. I’ve worked hard to make sure that there aren’t any hiccups with this first release, but since this is all uncharted territory for me I don’t know exactly what to expect.

If you have received the PDF and/or the print edition already:

What do you think?

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  1. Hi Paul,

    I just received the first issue of the printed version of your sports blog newsletter/magazine in the mail. I haven’t read anything yet, but I can offer you a few quick graphic design tips that should improve the look and readability of things.

    1. Sometimes you used a “justified” paragraph alignment (see the “Fuzzy” article). When the line is short (page has narrow columns), this setting will often cause some lines to look strange if words/letters are spaced either too close or too far apart. Newspapers usually use this setting. I recommend you stick with the “flush left/ragged right” alignment throughout your publication. Your paragraphs will look better and be easier to read.

    2. Some pages are numbered on the top of the page, others at the bottom and others not at all. Choose either to number the pages at the top or bottom and stick to that. Strive for consistency.

    3. Keep your article headings big and bold to draw attention and create contrast from the body copy.

    4. Be very careful when using screened (gray) backgrounds, especially when using reversed (white) copy. Things can get very difficult to read. Make sure the gray is very light when using black copy over it and very dark when using white copy – contrast is important! Using bolder fonts also will help readability when using the gray backgrounds.

    Hope this helps! By the way, will we see the missing table-top football feature soon in a future issue?

    Thanks and good luck,

  2. I haven’t seen it, but a couple of those are nice tips. It bothers me when I have a magazine that doesn’t number pages consistently and you are looking for page 55 and you don’t know if you are at page 35 or 65 because of the numbering system.
    I would find a nice border either on top or bottom that consistently runs through the magazine and use it on every page.

    About gray screens, 20% is considered the darkest one should go, but it never hurts to caution on lighter than that. Gray screens can be nice to draw the eye to something you want to reader to look at, so that’s probably a nice tool to use.

    I work do a lot of layout for our publication. We use justified for most articles and ragged right for columns or stories of that nature.

    What little I saw of the magazine either on the facebook site or somewhere here, though, looks pretty good. I was hoping I got mine in the mail today and went home for lunch (a five-minute drive), but it wasn’t there. Hoping it is there tomorrow. If not, I might be tempted to print the PDF tomorrow.

    • That’s a bummer, David! I would have thought yours would be there by now, as it was in the first batch that went out.

      Thank you for the feedback and the tips!

  3. One more comment. For not having any dominant graphic on the cover, it looks really nice. My eye flows nicely through it without what I call “rocks in the river”. Rocks disrupt your flow and create frustration. That’s what I consider my layout test. Quite often in today’s world people get enamored with everything they can do and do too much, so much that it’s hard to read just because your eye can’t reach a starting spot. The cover worked really well. My eyes hit the “Soccer Games” easily, and then nicely down the rest of the front, and then I go back to the top to see if I missed anything up there. I think it works really well.

  4. Hey Paul

    Classic Soccer got me all worked up, is there a way to order it since there is no website? How does someone reach the designer or make an order?

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