SUPER BOWL BET: vs. After Further Review w/Steve Tower

hawks patriots helmetsSince Steve Tower started publishing his weekly tabletop-sports show After Further Review with Steve Tower, I’ve enjoyed, supported and tried to help promote just about everything he’s done. I think the show has been a wonderful and much-needed addition to our hobby community. In 2013, in fact, AFR w/ST earned the newly created “Best New Tabletop-Sports Video Blog” award. Those who have purchased the Winter 2014-15 issue of Print Edition may have noticed that AFR’s spin-off game review show, “Under the Hood” also earned an award in 2014.

Steve Tower is an unabashed fan of New England sports

Steve Tower is an unabashed fan of New England sports

But if I have one great criticism of Steve’s show, it’s his wardrobe and setting: Steve’s an unabashed fan of New England sports teams, and wears t-shirts, jerseys, and sweatshirts of those teams while his set is dressed with Boston Red Sox paraphernalia each week.

As a Seahawks fan who lives in the Pacific Northwest (about an hour west of Seattle), today’s Super Bowl matchup against the New England Patriots gives me the perfect opportunity to challenge Steve on his New England fandom. So I emailed him earlier this week, and here is the result:


  • If the Patriots beat the Seahawks in Super Bowl 49, Paul Dylan of will purchase and send a copy of any season of Second Season Football by Plaay Games to Steve Tower of After Further Review with Steve Tower.
  • If the Seahawks beat the Patriots in Super Bowl 49, Steve Tower will purchase and send a copy of any soccer season for the Soccer Blast game (also by Plaay Games) to Paul Dylan of

MAY THE BEST TEAM (cough*Seahawks*cough) WIN!!

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  1. Go Pats!

    It’s one of the first things that drew me to his show when I saw his outfits & memorabilia.

    Sorry Paul- you’re a friend but… Go Steve!

  2. Ha! Game on Paul. To be fair, my favorite band is from Seattle. Hoping for a good game and looking forward to my new card set for Second Season.

    • Of course your favorite band is from Seattle, Steve – all the best bands are! 🙂 Massachusetts does have the Pixies though, which are definitely in my top 10.

      It should be a great game, let’s hope it’s an all-time classic…just like the classic NASL season for Soccer Blast that I’ll be playing soon.

  3. Oh yeah, this is Epic!! Great idea guys!!!

  4. Me – somewhat ambivalent – but will root for the PAts. Just happy Manning is home.

    However the Kabul is the best American Afghani eatery and is in Seattle…

  5. Enjoy your Second Season Football Game, Steve!

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