Tabletop Cathedrals

In his post this morning over at The Boys of Summer (which is quickly becoming one of my favorite blogs), APBA Baseball gamer and blogger Shawn Baier posted a few photos of exquisitely crafted “APBA Cathedrals”.

My favorite of those he posted has to be the field he labeled as “Usinger’s Park.” No other details are given about it, so I’m not sure who the creator of it is, but I love it. Here’s the photo, if anyone knows who made this, please let us know in the comments so we can give him proper attribution:

Usinger's Park by ?

Usinger’s Park by ?

Some of you may remember, I built a similar park for my Strat Baseball “PUB League” of Hall of Famers and Heroes back in 2011:

PUB League Park

You can find more posts on the subject of homemade stadiums by clicking here.

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    • Thank you for the link to your terrific piece on homemade stadiums, Geoff! It was well researched and written with a professional’s polish, as per usual with your content.

      To your question, however, I don’t believe that any of these creations were the work or either Adams or Kraft. I believe we can rule Adams out immediatel as, up to now, all of his known work is constructed with a signature aesthetic that doesn’t fit what we see here. And though Kraft’s work is more in line with the examples here, there are clearly many distinguishable differences in construction style that are recognizable at a glance.

      So…your guess is as good as mine!


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