Tampa Tarpons Stadium by Kenn Tomasch

There aren’t nearly enough blogs on the topic of tabletop-sports, so when a dedicated gamer creates one that regularly publishes quality writing on interesting subjects, it’s a travesty if it isn’t getting read. Kenn Tomasch’s “Kenn.com Blog” is a gem in the tiny rockpile that is the tabletop-sports blogosphere. I hope you’ll add it to your regular stops on the web.

On Tuesday, Kenn published a post on the design and building of his most recent tabletop-baseball stadium, a miniature recreation of Al Lopez Field in Kenn’s hometown of Tampa, FL. Kenn took great care in documenting the entire process, and the result is a photo essay and accompanying video that should be a joy to watch for any fan of tabletop-baseball. Kenn calls this his “APBA Ballpark,” but the following will be interesting and inspiring to all fans of the genre, regardless of the game to which one claims loyalty.

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  1. Very impressive Kenn. I wish you made this for sale. I have absolutely no craft skills. BTW, I am from Tampa too and attended games at Al Lopez way back when.

  2. Thanks for the shout-out!

  3. Kenn, Very cool creation! Well done!!!

  4. Kenn, I was inspired by this. I just bought materials to make a place to roll dice for my hockey game. I am making a Minnesota Fighting Saints rink complete with the glass boards!! The dice will roll in from the end of the rink where the Zamboni enters the rink.

    • That’s awesome, Joe – I’m really looking forward to seeing how it comes out. I hope you share photos with us once you’re done!

    • Oh, I want to see that! I was thinking “What else could I do?” and thought of a rink. I have never played the hockey game, but might enjoy the design and build challenge.

      Just take it from my experience – always leave one end open, it’s just easier to roll dice and pick them back up if you don’t have four closed-in sides! Good luck!

  5. Odd…I had that same thought. :>)

  6. Spectacular Stadium. Love this hobby. I am not sure I have the skills to try and make a stadium, but, this at least got me thinking.
    Jim in Burbank

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