Tell Us About Your Project!

What kind of project are you currently primarily working on?

What game(s) are you using?

Do you have game writeups or league updates online in a forum or blog somewhere?


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  1. Just started a full 162 games per team project with a great team from each franchise in the 1968-1982 time frame. Using the APBA baseball basic game with several statistically sound innovations. This project is the sequel to my recently completed venture, which saw great teams exclusively from the 1970’s. The finished project’s site was and the new one can be found at

  2. A 1932 mini-replay (42 games per team) that also gives me a chance to learn about and explore other happenings in the nation and world at the time. It has been super fun to learn about players like Bump Hadley and Alta Cohen (besides the obvious Foxxes and Gehrigs and Groves) and to write about the tie-ins to national and world events.

    Everything is at

  3. I’ve been playing a three season combination of 1924, 1959 and 2012 with Skeetersoft Scoreboard . I basically play a day from a season move on to the next and so on. 2012 end of April. 1924, early May. 1959 middle of May. I staggered them initially. Game platform a combination of cards and computer is awesome.

  4. I aqm currently researching my replay for 1973 both leagues plan to start around Xmas will keep you updated

  5. Forgot to mention my game of choice is SOM also thinking about doing 1969 and 1971 still in research and planning stages probaly will kick off 1/1/16

  6. I’m replaying 1988 AL with Statis Pro Baseball, the original, classic game from Avalon Hill/SI. I’m doing an abbreviated season of 48 games and created my own schedule where each team plays twice as many games against division opponents. Using some “house rules” but nothing so drastic that it departs from the feel of the original game. At this point are only 7 games into the season per team. Some exciting stuff so far: Fred Lynn had 4 homers, Gary Gaetti has 3.

    • Hey Steve,

      That’s fantastic. Firstly, Fred Lynn is one of my all-time favorite players. My dad’s side of my family is from El Monte, California (Lynn’s hometown), and I lived there as a kid, too, loving those early-80’s Angels teams. As a Dodgers fan above all though, the 1988 season is dear to my heart, as you can imagine. I’ve long had an 88 project in the back of my mind. Keep us in the loop as your season progresses, I’d love to hear more about it! Are you posting results on any forum or blog anywhere?


      • Hey Paul, great to hear from you. I’m a fan of your site and admire you greatly. I am not currently posting my results on any forums or blogs as I like to spend more time playing the games than writing about them. I am loving this replay and really enjoy classic statis pro baseball. I bought the game on ebay a long while ago and it just sat on a shelf as I played my strat baseball. My young son likes baseball and board games so I thought it would be great to introduce him to the game. He loves it. Then he pointed to the SP game and asked, “what’s that?” so I took it off the shelf, read the directions and taught us both how to play. We both loved it. So I decided to replay the 1988 season which came with the game. I play the game basically as intended by it’s creator with a couple of small variations for Clutch defense and bunting that may have been weak in the original game. I am 8 games into the 1988 season (for each team), in an AL only league. Created my own schedule whereby each team plays 48 games, but 34 of those games are against division rivals. I keep stats on excel for hitting and pitching, give proper rest of hitters and pitchers and manage the game for both sides using logic. Thanks for asking about this replay and sharing your affinity for the 1988 season, Fred Lynn and the LA Dodgers,

  7. Wow – these are great!

    The baseball project I’m most invested in right now is a 1969 New York Mets “what if” replay, where I’m attempting to answer the question: How would the 69 Mets season have been different if the Mets had drafted Reggie Jackson with the #1 pick in 1966 (instead of Steve Chilcott)? I’ve used Strat-O-Matic exclusively so far in the season, but I have the 69 card set for a bunch of different games and will certainly be mixing it up as I go along through the replay.

  8. In August finished up a 1982 apba football season (Redskins beat Bengals in the Super Bowl, Miami made it to the AFC Title game but lost in OT) – Right now, decided to go through old notebooks and to finish up projects that have been sitting half-done for years. Right now my main projects are a best of 3 APBA hockey tourney using the 1992-93 season (half done) and a statis pro baseball tourney using the 64 teams that made the playoffs in the 90s (about 1/3 done). I have a few others ‘started’ but decided to focus on these 2 then moving forward.

  9. My biggest project currently is my 2013-14 Eredivisie replay using my own game, Net Results Soccer. I have some of the games updated on my delphiforum site, but I’m way behind with my posts. I think I’m into matchday nine games now.

    My other one I just popped out after being locked up for years is my 1966 AL replay using Replay Baseball. I think Pete has created two card sets for this season and I own the first one which were perforated. About three weeks ago, I noticed I was about a week’s worth of games away from the All-Star break, so I decided to get the game back out. At the very least I plan on keeping it as my primary game I’m playing until I get to the All-Star break. I’m a couple of DHs away from accomplishing that goal.

    • That’s awesome. I don’t think I’ve seen any other Eredivisie replays being posted online. It’s a really fun league, too. Looking forward to following along!

  10. And THIS is what I love reading about …. I love to hear new ideas that I — eventually — can do myself (since, it’s been years since I’ve actually rolled the dice, myself) 🙁

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