The Adventures of Babe Ruth

I stumbled across these little gems over at the Internet Archive today. According to the data on the site, these 8 episodes of “The Adventures of Babe Ruth” radio program were broadcast in 1934.

Clearly, however, these were broadcast no earlier than the mid-1940s, as at the end of the show (former heavyweight champion) Gene Tunney is introduced as having been a Private in the first World War, and a Captain in the second. Also, Tunney says: “Thanks again for having me here on the first of the series you have built around Babe Ruth’s life. He was a great athlete, a great competitor, and a great American.” (emphasis mine)

Since the Babe passed away in 1948, it’s probably a decent guess that these episodes aired sometime after that. Maybe these were rebroadcasts of the 1934 version of the show, though. I really don’t know.

Anyway, enjoy this first broadcast. It’s less than 15 minutes long, and the first episode features a supposedly true story of a time Babe Ruth was nearly thrown out of baseball for going into the stands to fight a heckler.


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