The Blog I Want to Be

Over on the Strat-o-Matic Fan Forum this morning, Terry Bartelme offered up a great question that really got me thinking about the replays I post, the replays I follow, the blogs I read and the blog I write.

My number one rule over here at is to create the kind of website that I would like to read. There simply aren’t very many websites devoted to the tabletop-sports gaming hobby, and most of the ones that are devoted to the hobby are devoted to one specific game or replay season. I wanted a website that offered more than that.

What I like in a blog:

  1. News – new games, special offers, free downloads, gameco. news, etc.
  2. A Distinct Voice – I tend to prefer blogs that are written by (or at least curated by) one person whose voice and personality come through in the writing. I understand this is a completely subjective thing, but it’s what I like and one of the things I notice was missing from many of the table-top sports forums where we hobbyists gather.
  3. Lack of Clutter – Simpler is better, in my opinion, when it comes to blogs. Even this blog could use some de-cluttering. Also, along that line, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but there aren’t any ads on this site. You’re welcome.
  4. A Diverse Range of Topics – I like surprises. I like to go to a blog each day and not know exactly what I’m going to get. Blogs that offer the same content day in and day out get stale quickly for me.
  5. Pictures – I like pictures. Especially interesting pictures I haven’t seen before.
  6. Content – that is to say, new posts often. My goal is 25 posts a month. I haven’t hit that goal since January, but that’s what I strive for.
    1. And, most importantly:

    2. Stories – I love replays, but a boxscore on its own doesn’t do it for me. I need context, I need personality, I need a compelling reason to care. This site is about story more than anything. My story, the story of each replay and each game, the story of those of us who indulge in this hobby.

      If the current pace keeps up, sometime today will have its 15,000th page view in the brief history of this site (my first post was barely 6 months ago), so I guess I must be doing something right. But what could I be doing better, I wonder?

      What blogs are you excited to visit each day? Why?

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