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I finished up a card & dice replay of the 1977 New York Yankees with Strat-O-Matic baseball a little over a month ago. In the meantime, I’ve been tabulating the stats for that project, as well as playing some soccer and a little football here and there, too.

But though I have a bunch of other projects going on right now, that 1977 Yankees replay was my favorite and was the one that has had the bulk of my attention for the last few months. I read books on the city, the team, the manager. I tried to put myself in Reggie’s shoes and get into Billy’s head. It was a gratifying experience, and the project’s completion has left me feeling a bit like a good friend has moved out of town.
Game Shelf Photo

In the weeks since, there have been many nights wherein I’ve found myself kind of staring at my shelf of games, idly waiting for inspiration to strike, not feeling particularly moved to pick up any of the projects I currently have underway.

I’ve spent lots of time staring at the shelves and boxes you see in the adjacent photo.

Here is my Game Shelf (aka “The Game Closet”). The majority of my tabletop-sports games and cards are housed here, though I do have a couple of boxes of cards (most significantly, about 5 seasons of APBA Baseball) that are not pictured here.

Number Key shown beneath the following illustration.
Game Shelf illustration

Number Key

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  1. Inspiration is a fleeting thing … I haven’t played a solo sports game in probably 10 years (but I long to) — I’m a big believer in getting done with “work” before play (and, work never seems to end).

    But, even when I did play, often, my interest in various projects would be fleeting — I’d love setting everything up; but eventually, there’d be a 1976 San Diego – Houston matchup and too many of those, and it can be really tough to stay inspired.

    I’d think computer games would be my best option; but feel like that’s cheating 🙂 Maybe when I’m retired ….

  2. I am entirely geeked to be able to see where my games are stored in somebody’s collection. This just made my night.

    • That’s so awesome, David! I get the same feeling every time I find a blog or website that I’ve never seen before has linked to oneforfive. It’s a terrific validation of your work – and you deserve it! I’m a big fan of Net Results Soccer.

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