The Grandaddy of Them All

I am excited to announce the forthcoming formation of a new APBA Soccer play-by-mail draft league, using the 2011/2012 English Premiere League cards.

The League Constitution is still in very preliminary stages, and at this point we have about a half-dozen interested parties.  Our intention is to begin play in September with EPL cards based on the season currently in progress.

There is a thread on the APBA – Between the Lines forum on the subject.  We hope to have 12-14 teams/managers in the inaugural season, so please contact me here or comment on the forum if you wish to be a part of the league.

As far as we know, this will be the very first APBA Soccer draft league anyone has ever attempted, and so it will truly be the Grandaddy of Them All.  We have a lot to iron out in terms of rules and procedures, but it should be a greatly rewarding experience.  We will always be able to say that we were the first and are the oldest APBA Soccer league in existence.  The premier Premier League, if you will.

Even if you aren’t able to participate in the league, we could use ideas on some aspects of game play, so please follow along and chime in as you can.  I’ll keep you all posted as we progress.

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  2. Paul, I’m not a close enough follower of the EPL to be able to successfully GM in a draft league. As a US resident I follow MLS first, then Serie A, then EPL. If by some miracle you were to switch it to an ALS league hit me up.

    Good luck with the league!

    Best, Tommy

  3. I am just getting the soccer game but have enjoyed the sport for years. Would love to get into a league at the start…even as a newbie. Let me know how it progresses.

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