The Perfect Game Club

Matt Cain of the San Francisco Giants entered the Perfect Game Club tonight, with his amazing performance against the Houston Astros.

My favorite tweet of the night, from @SportsPickle:

Since this blog is about baseball simulation games, I thought I’d ask, have you ever had a pitcher throw a Perfecto in one of your games?

The idea of “The Perfect Game Club” is intriguing to me. In fact, I’d like to start a club, right here on It would have no qualifications for membership, except that to enter, you must roll a no-hitter or perfect game using the baseball simulation game of your choice.

The club would be just a page, right here on the site, where anyone who ever had a pitcher throw a no-hitter or perfect game could immortalize that game forever. Just a list with minimal details, maybe something like this:

  • 06/13/2012 Paul Dylan (Strat-O-Matic): Fernando Valenzuela (1985 Dodgers v. 1985 Padres) 9 inning no-hitter
  • and maybe a screenshot of the boxscore or something and, of course, a link to wherever you happened to write up the game story, be it your blog, a forum, wherever.

    Would anyone be interested in seeing your name on a list like this? I’d be glad to get it started as soon as some names and details start coming in. Maybe we should limit the club to all no-hitters that take place from this day forward, too, so that even you guys who have already had your day in the sun have something to shoot for.

    What do you all think? Leave comments and suggestions, please!

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    1. I’d be interested in this! Sounds like a great idea.

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