The Thursday Morning Click-Thru: 12/21/2011

  • Way back in February, when Larry Granillo (aka  @wezen_ball) of Baseball Prospectus definitively determined which game Ferris Bueller attended on his eponymous “day off”, it seems there have been a number of sleuthy attempts to determine the dates/games portrayed in certain pictures.  This post over on The Hardball Times is a collective group project, trying to determine at which game the photo that appears on Johnny Bench’s 1973 Topps card was taken.

  • It must have been in an early 90’s edition of some sports magazine, but I swear I remember an interview with Steve Avery where he said that he had a terrible sense of style, just no sense about what clothes to wear at all.  So, for help in dressing like a major leaguer, he went to teammate Deion Sanders.  Avery claimed to give Sanders $5000 and free reign to buy whatever he thought was stylish and appropriate for Avery.  See one result of this fashion experiment (as well as take a peak at some Baseball Wives and Girlfriends – 90’s edition) on Sports
  • Ebbets Field Flannels is a local shop [] that I make a point to stop in at everytime I’m in the neighborhood.  They reproduce authentic jerseys, hats, and jackets from old-time baseball, football, and hockey – even from fictional clubs like the New York Knights and the Mudville Nine.  Their products are amazing.  I have an authentic Homestead Greys hat that I wear every time I play my PUB League (since the Greys are the currently reigning champs of that league).  Number one on my wishlist right now is the 1933 San Francisco Seals home jersey.  I’ve seen their products in person in the shop and I can’t stress enough how great the quality is.  [to be clear:  I don’t have any affiliation with them.  They didn’t pay me in money or merchandise for this post.  But I sure wish they would’ve!  I really want that Seals jersey.]
  • This site gets a lot of traffic from the Delphi Forums, much of it from the APBA Between the Lines forum specifically.  I am really happy to see the “Talkin’ Soccer” folder in that forum start to get a little livelier lately.  In case anyone is wondering about the 2011 Women’s World Cup set that APBA just released (I was!), Bobby5950 was the first to post a review of it.  Check out his initial impressions.  Personally, I really hope to play out this tournament someday, too.
  • I found a site this week that has a ton of links to just about anything any one of us sports-simmers could ever need.  Take a look at the wealth of awesome links on the Sports Simulacra & Simulation site.  In particular, I liked the Tabletop Games page.

Have fun and happy clicking!

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