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The 5.75 release for BBW was years in the making, and the general consensus on the release has been positive. The one feature left out of 5.75’s initial release was the ability to edit players, this patch – while not giving users the “click of a button” card creating ability that used to exist with Wizard – gives back some level of control for card editing.

One of the most fan-friendly and forward-thinking recent innovations of the APBA game company is the new policy of releasing free cards of some of the major sporting events in time for gamers to “pre-play” the event. They did it for the UEFA Champions League Championship in soccer, as well as the 2012 Olympic Gold Medal match for Women’s Soccer. They released the 1930 All Star teams in honor of the MLB All Star Game, and now they’ve released this 2012 Ryder Cup set for use with APBA Golf.


  • Released 2011-12 Hockey Cards
  • Released Strat-O-Matic Hockey 2012 (Windows game), 1958-59 & 1980-81 Computer Rosters
  • Offered 50% off 2003-04 Hockey Cards through October 9th (use discount code: LIGHTNING)

The 2012 version of the Hockey computer game is the biggest overhaul to the interface in a few years, and reviews have been mixed.  The game is still the same and all your old rosters should work with the new version, but some have lamented the loss of certain aspects of customizationthat used to be available on the old interface.

Sample Card from Rob Lennon’s Diggin’ Deep Football


For fans of Rob Lennon and his Diggin’ Deep Sports brand, this has been a big year.  First, he released the full-play soccer sim “Diggin Deep: World’s Game” and now he’s released his “labor of love”: Diggin’ Deep Football.

If you want a copy of Rob’s “Teaser Pack” for Diggin’ Deep Football, I’d suggest sending him an email at


Triple Play Baseball is one of the most popular baseball card & dice sims on the market. It is one of the few (is it the only?) tabletop baseball game that incorporates a general manager aspect as part of its game engine. From the game company’s website:

“Triple Play Baseball gives you the opportunity to step into the shoes of your favorite team’s manager and general manager and guide your team into the postseason and beyond. Not only do you handle the on-field duties as the manager, using Triple Play Baseball league rules lets you sign major league free agents, draft promising prospects, and make late season trades.”

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