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Announced they’re now taking Pre-Orders for 2012 Baseball sets.

  • Basic Set (900 cards) = $60
  • Master Set (900 cards w/master symbols printed on cards) = $66
  • Data disk for BBW 5.75 = $28

This sample Dynasty League Baseball card is visually appealing

Announced that anyone who pre-orders the 2012 set will be sent digital versions of the 2012 World Series teams prior to the World Series.

Dynasty League Baseball was designed by the same designer as the old Pursue the Pennant game, and has received rave reviews from those that play it. Personally, I’ve considered Dynasty League on more than one occasion, but the entry cost of the game ($20) plus a set of cards ($49-64) is what has deterred me. Their 1982 set has been particularly attractive to me, though, and if I ever decide to play out the season with a team besides the Angels, I might just do it with Dynasty League.

Announced the first edition of the “Strat-O-Matic YouTube Contest.” From the announcement:

Here is how the contest will work.

All participants must create a YouTube video that somehow relates to Strat-O-Matic. Sample videos include:
· Songs or raps
· Monologues/poems
· Exciting Strat-O game play footage
· Comedy skits (we love to laugh!)
· Clips of your pet playing Strat
· Any other creative ideas you may have!

Grand Prize is $400 in Strat-O-Matic merchandise credit, so get those cameras rolling!

Strat-O-Matic has also started running a simulation of the locked-out 2012-13 NHL Hockey Season. This isn’t the first time the game company has simulated a non-played season – as recently as last winter Strat simulated the then-locked-out NBA season.

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