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  • Continued NFL Football 3 sets for $25 sale. Good for all complete season sets. Individual sets only $10 each. Offer expires at 8:30 eastern on September 5th


  • Also announced a demo pack available for the new Diggin’ Deep Football, which is scheduled for release this fall. From the announcement: “If you are interested in getting a sneek peek at what I have planned for Diggin Deep Football this fall, send me an E-Mail at Put ‘Football’ in your title, and will send you out a ‘teaser’ pack. You won’t be able to play, but you will get a peek inside at the cards, some game parts, and a high level look into playcalling and resolving plays.”


  • Announced two new race tracks available for free download. The 2012 Triple Crown horses have also been rated for “career so far” and are available as a pdf download.


  • This Excel game has been in playtesting phase for a month or two now, but it seems that it is nearing release. From the developer:

    “After I do the [English Premiere League 2000-2010] decade I am going to work on 2010-2011. I am thinking of doing EPL, Serie A, La Liga as well as Bundesliga and based on two requests i got Scottish and MLS season for that year to see if there is enough interest in my doing those each year along with the big 4 then i will send out an email and post on boards that i am ready to sell. Before that i will post one last chance for people who haven’t tried the game to get it with the five seasons. After that it will be one free season and the World Cup and Club all time teams but my thoughts are that it is important to always keep the game itself free to new users [emphasis mine].”

    I have been playtesting this game and, in my opinion, it needs work – but since it is free and open-sourced, I have high hopes for Simple and Sound Soccer to take off in the market as a quick-play soccer game. Email if you would like to get a copy of the early release version and be involved in some of the final play-testing.

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