Thursday Morning Click-Thru: 1/12/12

    I’m a Dodgers fan, and have been since birth.That “what-might’ve-been” moment about The Kid led me on a quest for at-the-time articles about my greatest “what-might’ve-been” wish:  that the Dodgers had never left Roberto Clemente unprotected in the 1954 Rule 5 draft.

“He was the No. 1 draft choice on at least four or five clubs,” said the jubilant Branch Rickey, Jr., Pittsburgh Vice President.  “He can run and throw.  I think he will hit, too.”

  • For Christmas, I received a couple of giftcards and until this morning I hadn’t decided what to spend them on.  But I know now.  This Build it Yourself: Forbes Field kit looks amazing, and for $21.99, you can’t go wrong.  Here is an example of the finished product:


  • In a later post, I’ll show you the model balsa-wood ballpark I built for my PUB League last year.  It was a tremendously fun and satisfying project and I still love and use the finished product.
  • Speaking of baseball, and, I bought this bookfrom of Amazon a few months ago and finally got around to reading it these past few weeks.  It’s a great read.  Very well researched, well written, and fascinating, especially if you’re a native Californian, as I am.  I don’t live in California any more and haven’t for 9 years, but I still love the state.  I still think it is the most beautiful and varied state in the union (and I’ve visited 40 states and lived for 7 years in Hawaii).
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