Thursday Morning Click Thru – 12/15/2011

We return this week to our regularly scheduled Thursday morning click-thru.  Enjoy!

  • Here is a bet I’m willing to make:  if you love tabletop sports sims, you will love to marvel at the sharp and fine aesthetics of the back of your baseball cards in this image  gallery of the Complete History of Topps Baseball Card backs.


  • I grew up sharing a room with my brothers, just as John Viola grew up sharing a room with his big brother Frank Viola.  I loved this Baseball Prospectus piece on Frank Viola, not just because one of the nine stories in the piece was written by one of my brothers, but because the article shows how ballplayers – practically every single one of them – weave a thread through our collective history that binds generations together.


  • In general, I’d say I’ve grown tired of the Onion and “ironic news” as a genre.  However, I just came across this article called “Nation Gathers Around Radio Set to Listen to the Big Game.”  I found it wistful and touching, in a way, and kind of sad.  It brought up a longing in me for a time I never really knew.  Powerful stuff, actually, which is what the Onion is capable of when they’re at their best.


  • I’m a USC football fan, have been since birth (I was born at USC Medical Center).  My daughter’s middle name is Rose because she was born on the first day of USC football season (true story).  I enjoyed this USA Today profile of former Trojan backup QB Mitch Mustain, who had the unfortunate luck of competing for the starting position with Mark Sanchez and Matt Barkley.  He’s no Matt Cassel, but still.
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