Thursday Morning Click-Thru: 1/5/12

This league will be No. 1 in 10 years, maybe 5,” said commissioner of the North American Soccer League, Phil Woosnam in 1977.  “In five years, the Soccer Bowl will be as big as the Super Bowl.”

  • For a huge Major League Soccer fan like me, this article titled “American Soccer Ready to Strut” from the Palm Beach Post, August 30, 1977, was kind of interesting and kind of sad.
  •  I’ve linked to the Cosmic Baseball Association before, but thanks to a post over at Strat-o-Matic Gamer Forum 2 (on Delphi Forums), I came across a great article about Jack Kerouac and his tabletop baseball gamethat he designed at age 11 and played into adulthood.  In college I was a huge Kerouac fan, and I’ll never forget the delight and ecstasy I felt when I discovered we had this experience and obsession in common.

    One note to the author, however:  in the article the author says he has “no doubt that Kerouac was a Red Sox fan,” but he’s wrong.  Kerouac was a Boston (and later Milwaukee) Braves fan.  I wish I could remember where I read that, but I remember he was particularly fond of Joe Adcock in the 50’s.

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