Thursday Morning Click-Thru: Groundhog’s Day edition

Thank you to any and all who followed along with my 1986 World Cup Final replay last night on Twitter. I had more fun doing it than I expected to. Here was my wrap up tweet:

And now for some Thursday morning links!

  • As a recovering addict, the story of Josh Hamilton‘s continuing day-to-day success in his recovery is a great inspiration to me.  Today I learned a little about the role former minor leaguer and current coach Roy Silver had in the early part of Hamilton’s recovery.  The blog that featured this story, The Greatest 21 Days, describes itself this way:  “… focusing on the 1990 CMC minor league baseball card set, and what happened to each of the players it contained. Did they make the majors? Did they not? And what interesting things happened to them along the way?”

Jeff Cunningham scored a goal in his first match with Comunicaciones

  • With his Major League Soccer career apparently over, MLS career Goal Scoring Leader (with 134) Jeff Cunningham, is 35 years old and now playing in Guatemala. ESPN met up with Cunningham when his Comunicaciones team took on their rival Municipal at the Home Depot Center last week. The resultant article yields one of the greatest soccer quotes ever:

    I’ve always scored goals, and for me, it’s part of who I am, and not doing that or not having a chance to score goals, part of me is missing,” he said. “I know love and family and sex and all of that is important, but to not get the chance to score goals, you don’t feel quite like yourself.

    “Some people like surfing, some like reading books. I like scoring goals. Not getting a chance to do that, I feel a lack in my life, you know?”

Personally, I like playing table-top sports games. I mean, I know love and family and sex and all of that is important…

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