Top 10 (Relatively) Inexpensive Father’s Day Gifts for the Tabletop – Sports Gamer

  1. 3D Stadium Puzzle: Wrigley Field– from $14.99Wrigley Field Model
    I was browsing a ridiculously over-priced snack shop in Chicago’s O’Hare Airport when I came across this 12″ x 12″ model Wrigley Field. It was the perfect souvenir. It only took about an hour to assemble (it’s not really a “puzzle” – all pieces are numbered and it comes with detailed instructions), and with its level of attention to detail, and quality of construction, this model was worth every penny of the $25 I paid for it. I’m rolling all my baseball games in it now.
  2. APBA Baseball Coffee Mug – From Cafe Press $13.19
    apba_logo_mugEverybody’s gotta drink, and most of us drink coffee. For a measly $13.19 you can assert your APBA-holism even before you use the bathroom every morning.
  3. US Tour of Japan 1934 cap – from Ebbets Field Flannels $44.00
    USToJEbbets Field Flannels makes the finest authentic replications of vintage baseball caps and jerseys that you’ll find anywhere. This cap is a replica of that worn in 1934 when Connie Mack led a group of American League stars including Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig and Lefty Gomez on a wildly successful month-long tour of Japan. $44 might be a little pricey for many of us for a cap, but everything about it – from the quality of the wool to the unseen stitchery in the lining – is superb.
  4. Tickets to a Sporting Event – from
    The click-clack of the dice on the tabletop might be a soothing break from reality for the tabletop-sports gamer in your life, but even for him, certainly nothing beats the magic of the real-life professional sports game experience. Every year I ask my family for Major League Baseball tickets for Father’s Day, and I’ve been lucky enough to actually receive them a couple of times. There is no better gift than the gift of memories made.
  5. Mystery Ball ’58: A Season-Long Whodunit by Jeff Polman $11.77 – Polman’s Strat-O-Matic replay of the 1958 baseball season set the framework for this noir thriller. The book will make a perfect gift for Dad’s Day, especially if your dad:
    * Is a Giants fan
    * Still has a Leon Wagner rookie card.
    * Read Jack Kerouac in college
    * Listens to Stan Getz and/or Ray Charles
    * Identified with Sam Spade, J. J. Gittes, and Roger Thornhill
    * Has a sense of humor
    * Would enjoy a fun retro sendup of 1950s pulp thrillers with plenty of murder, mystery, mayhem and Mays.
  6. 1978 Ford C. Frick Award Winner Mel Allen - BL-2663-70 (National Baseball Hall of Fame Library)

    TWIB Host Mel Allen (Photo Courtesy National Baseball Hall of Fame Library)

    This Week in Baseball: Season One (1977) DVD from $9.99 – Dad will be instantly transported to 1977 as soon as he hears one of the greatest voices in baseball history, Mel Allen, delivering the opening lines of this classic series.
  7. The Official Collected APBA Journal Reference Packs on CD – from Robert Tassinari $39.99
    apba journal logoBack in 2009, when Robert Tassinari purchased the rights to the out-of-print APBA Journal from publisher Francis Rose thus began his quest to release the entire print run (30 years’ worth of publications!) in digital format. The complete run is for sale on DVD at a cost of $99, or you could get Dad all the APBA-metrics he could ever need (over 1500 pages!) with this reasonably-priced reference CD.
  8. Customized Strat-O-Matic Baseball Card – from Strat-O-Matic $8.00
    How would your Dad fare if you put him in the batter’s box against Sandy Koufax? Or, what if he took the mound against Babe Ruth? With Strat’s Personalized Cards, you can give your Dad the chance to write his own name on a lineup card alongside the greats.
  9. Sponsor a Page at BB-Ref – from $2.00
    Was Dad the world’s greatest Johnnie LeMaster fan? Sponsor LeMaster’s page at in Dad’s name for just $10. BB-Ref pages are priced on a scale based on how many page views they get. For the big spender, sponsor Derek Jeter’s page for a mere $3,125.00 Or, do as Jeffrey Bauer did, and find a ballplayer that shares your Dad’s name to sponsor.
    Al Bauer
  10. Official Baseball Project Scorebook – by $29.00 ON SALE: $24.65 Photo---prototype
    The Baseball Project Scorebook is a complete self-contained scorebook for tabletop-baseball games like Strat-O-Matic, APBA, Replay, Payoff Pitch, History Maker Baseball, Statis Pro, and others. It’s the perfect Father’s Day gift for the tabletop-baseball gamer in your life. It’s a gift that your Dad will use and refer back to for years to come.
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