Top 5 Sports Games – by The Dice Tower with HAMTAG

HAMTAG (Half As Much, Twice As Good), is a game review show on The Dice Tower channel on youtube. This week each of the three co-hosts offers his own list of “Top 5 Sports Games.”

The show is aimed at the Board Game Geek crowd, which does not typically feature many sports-game aficionados. As more traditional board-gamer types, it’s no surprise that these lists are light on sports simulations, and instead feature party or casual sports games.

That said, there are some true simulations on this list. Title Bout – Avalon Hill’s boxing sim (recently re-released as Advanced Title Bout by PT Games), is the only game that makes all three lists, in fact. Also mentioned: Strat-O-Matic Baseball, Football, and Basketball.

It’s incredibly exciting to see sports games getting more coverage on mainstream boardgaming sites and shows. Maybe we’ll see Mayor-of-the-Internet Wil Wheaton (an unabashed LA Kings fan) playing a hockey sim on Tabletop one of these days.

Bart Brunscheen

5. TITLE BOUT (Avalon Hill boxing game)

4. WEYKICK (magnetic soccer game)

3. LONGSHOT (horse racing game)


1. K2 (mountain climbing game)


Judd Vance

5. TITLE BOUT (Avalon Hill boxing game)

4. SURESHOT HOCKEY (hockey foosball-type game)

3. STRAT-O-MATIC BASEBALL (Judd calls it “the most elegant, beautiful sports game ever made.”)

2. RED BARBER’S BIG LEAGUE BASEBALL GAME (Sherco Baseball replica version. Tagline: “All the thrills, excitement, and suspense of Major League Baseball”)



Greg Schmittgens

5. STRAT-O-MATIC FOOTBALL (Greg says he played the entire 1970 season twice, and the Rams won both times)

4. Reiner Knizia’s  DECATHALON (dice-based track & field game)

3. TITLE BOUT (Avalon Hill boxing game)

2. WRASSLIN‘ (Avalon Hill wrestling game)

1. NHL ICE BREAKER (generic hockey game with “War”-like game mechanic)

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  1. Agreed!!!! This was pretty cool and I can only hope it’s the sign of a trend…

  2. Joaquim Oliveira

    Now I have to find a copy of Title Bout , those guys are great and I’m a solo Wargamer so if they start talking about sports games more often it will be amazing !!!!!

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