TWO New APBA Soccer Sets to be Released!

Alternate title: APBA Soccer is Going to Take All My Money (But At Least I’ll Have Awesome APBA Soccer Tournaments to Play When I’m Broke)

In this morning’s newsletter, APBA announced the imminent release of All-Time World Cup Greats Volume 2, and Liga MX 2014 Apertura card sets. The former set has been expected since the release of Volume 1 last month, but the latter comes as a great surprise to this gamer. The newsletter also promised a future release of All-Time World Cup Greats Volume 3.

Click here to see the announcement in today's APBA Newsletter

Click here to see the announcement in today’s APBA Newsletter

As far as I’m aware, no other card & dice game offers a Liga MX set for any year, so for fans of that league (and fans of CONCACAF soccer generally) this new product is an exciting addition to the APBA lineup.

Liga MX seasons are organized into halves, the first half called the Apertura, and the second half called the Clausura. Each half of the season is 17 games long – each of the 18 clubs plays each other club once – and the top 8 teams qualify for the playoffs. A separate champion is crowned for each half of the season. That APBA is offering the 2014 Apertura leads one to believe that the Clausura could be offered separately at some future date. As with any product, however, the popularity of this first season with gamers will certainly determine the fate of future releases.

The All-Time Greats World Cup Vol. 2 set adds many of the teams – including arguably the three best ever (70 Brazil, 74 Netherlands, 2014 Germany) – that many gamers were disappointed to see left out of volume 1. With the two volumes together, a 20 team super-league is possible. If I had one wish for volume 3, it would be that it include 12 teams, making a full 32-team tournament a possibility.

The table below was taken from APBA’s online store this morning, and shows all league sets currently available for sale from the game company.
APBA available soccer sets

APBA World Cup Card Sets

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