Update on Fall Issue Orders

All PDF files purchased through about 9am PST 10/2/14 should have been emailed already. If you have ordered a copy of this issue and you didn’t receive your PDF file of the Fall issue, please let me know at paul@oneforfive.com.

I hope everyone enjoys reading the issue as much as I enjoyed putting it together. I’m looking forward to your thoughts on this and future issues.



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  1. Nice issue, thanks…….Mea Copa freebie is interesting…..wonder if AA ever tried it with club teams?

    • anthony apostolico

      I never did club sides for the game-I think rating 1,000 World Cup teams burned me out, and I always played CS anyway, so there wasn’t much interest on my part. But it would be easy for anyone to do, it’s (more or less) simply basic math with some bells and whistles thrown in.


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