Vin Sequitors

“It’s a shame you don’t remember Sydney Greenstreet, he would have been the perfect Fat Man.” – Vin Scully, after telling the story of Livan Hernandez’s dramatic defection from Cuba.

The following is a transcript of Vin Scully’s call of Andre Ethier’s at bat in the bottom of the 5th tonight (Vin was calling the television broadcast). The situation: nobody out, Matt Kemp at first, Ethier at the plate.

“There goes Kemp, there goes the ball, that’s going to be a base hit, so Matt will just keep on going to third – the throw in to first and the Dodgers now have – KEMP COMES TO THE PLATE and is out, they throw to first aaaand they also get Ethier HELLO! The old Dodgers have arrived.

Now that’s a classic. You could say ‘overhustling’ and that would be the kind way to put it.

So Matt’s going to third, he sees the throw going to second, he thinks, ‘Well, there’s nobody out, they’re not going to expect it.’

But they did expect it.

And then Ethier takes that big turn and they nail him.

So there’s back-to-back singles and the Dodgers have two out.

Here’s Matt. Here he comes, here comes the throw to Ross for the tag and Matt’s out. Then [Ross] looks down to first and WHOOPS! There’s Ethier, and then [Ethier] thinks, ‘ok, the throw to the plate, no, I better not.’

He who hesitates is out.

So it’s a double play on back-to-back singles. 7-6-2-3. Shades of Brooklyn in Ebbets Field.

Every now and then, the old bloodline emerges.

There was that, I guess it was an old gag in Brooklyn where one man is watching and from outside the street to another the fellow said, ‘the Dodgers have two men on.’

And the other man said, ‘what base?'”

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