What’s More Embarrassing?

  1. That one of my co-workers discovered some “Final Score” Fast Action Cards on the paper cutter at work?
  2. That said co-worker immediately knew that those cards had to belong to me? 

 Poll closes at 5:00pm or whenever I muster the courage to show my blushing face outside my office again.  Which may be never.

If someone found this on your office paper-cutter, would they immediately think of you?

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  1. 1! No shame with no. 2

    • Except that now they know I was cutting fast action cards at work! If they just found them there and didn’t know who they belong to then that would embarrass me on the inside, not on the outside. Plus, this coworker is a cute girl, and now I know my sports-sim nerdiness is not as well-disguised as I thought. That’s a little embarrassing, isn’t it?

      The only choice now is to embrace who I am. I am a nerd. A sports simulation game nerd.

      That’s right, mid-sized regional bank co-workers, a NERD walks among you. Hide yo’ pens, hide yo’ dice.

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