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In recent months I’ve been adding links to the ol’ sidebar, but haven’t had the opportunity to mention most of them. Here are a few of the newest additions to the Roll, Blog(roll):

  • Not-The-Real Fireblossom (I assume)

    Not-The-Real Fireblossom (I assume)

    Fireblossom’s APBA Baseball Blog: Though there are a few prominent female tabletop-sports gamers in the blogosphere (Diane Firstman of Value over Replacement Grit and Laurie Berry of somworld.com may be the two most widely known), as far as I know, Fireblossom’s APBA Baseball Blog is the only tabletop-sports-specific blog wholly written and operated by a woman. Is seeing the hobby from a “Goddess” (as she calls herself) perspective enough of a reason to read Fireblossom’s blog? Maybe or maybe not, but if, like me, you enjoy following replays that are presented with enthusiasm, wit, and an obvious love of the subject, then you are in for a treat with Fireblossom’s presentation of her 1967 AL replay. Her players come to life in her game recaps. I wholly endorse this new blog and hope that it gets the audience it deserves.
  • 368 To The Gaps: Mike Patterson is a Strat-O-Matic gamer who also designs and builds custom wooden tabletop-stadiums. His work is really amazing and inspiring for those of us who enjoy rolling dice in tiny little tabletop cathedrals.
  • Steve Bilko of the 1956 Los Angeles Angels from Archrivals Baseball

    Steve Bilko of the 1956 Los Angeles Angels from Archrivals Baseball

    Archrivals Baseball: APBA-Compatible card sets, available via PDF for reasonable prices. I have the “Great Teams of the Pacific Coast League 1” set, and it’s really a treat to see Joe DiMaggio of the 1935 San Francisco Seals going up against Ted “The Kid” Williams of the 1937 San Diego Padres. Card sets are well-researched and handsomely presented. A go-to site for anyone who is both a fan of APBA Baseball and great minor league teams of the past. Also available, a card set of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League.
  • House of Oglethorpe: Casey Brough is a librarian and Strat-O-Fanatic with a decent set of graphic design skills. He’s used said skills to design a very nice blog in which he presents his 1953 Strat-O-Matic Baseball replay. He’s also the world’s foremost collector of Marty Barrett memorabilia. Seriously.
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  1. Hey, does this make me Almost Famous? 😉 That, unfortunately, isn’t the actual me–it’s actress Lou Doillon–but I’m tickled to have my little baseball blog noted here, along with these other very interesting looking sites which i will definitely be checking out! I always love seeing where players have designed their own “stadiums”. I’m eager to see some more.

    • It’s great to see you here, Fireblossom. I’m really excited to have found your blog! Welcome to the small world of tabletop-sports bloggers! Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us.


  2. These are all great links, Paul!

  3. Fireblossom is hilarious!

  4. Thanks for the shoutout, my man. I discovered your site by looking at my webstats and where people were coming from. Nice lookin’ place you got here and I suspect I’ll be keeping tabs on your updates.


  5. Jim Fraasch has a really good blog that you might consider adding. https://jimsapbabarn.wordpress.com/

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