When the Ref Blows the Call

I played a game of Classic Soccer last night between two 2012 Major League Soccer powerhouses: Chivas USA and Toronto FC. It was a decent match between the two worst clubs in the league; fun to play, but the details of the match were certainly not extraordinary in any way.

I bring it up though, because in the 52nd minute I made a mistake in my interpretation of the rules that led to a Chivas USA goal. With the final score of 3-1 Chivas, that one goal didn’t change the outcome of the match. There is no doubt that the goal did change the complexion of the match, however, as Chivas went on a run and scored twice more in the next ten minutes. By the 63rd minute, the Goats led 3-0.quote blown call

For those who know Classic Soccer, Chivas midfielder Alejandro Moreno has a Shot-GS rating of 90-19 and when the Cross chart said to add 7 to his GS rating, I forgot to implement the “teens rule.” His max chance at goal should have been only 7%, but I gave him 19 + 7 – 8 (keeper’s adjustment) which came out to 18%. His roll was 15% and I awarded the goal.

The mistake itself is not a big deal. The game was already in the 75th minute when I discovered the error, so I just played it out. This match was meaningless anyway. But it got me thinking:

What are some mistakes you’ve made in your gaming career? What do YOU do when you discover you’ve blown a call?

In Strat-O-Matic, the most common mistake I make is to forget to change out the pitcher between innings and so the batter is essentially batting against his own pitcher. In APBA Baseball I’ve read results off the wrong chart. I’ve misinterpreted and forgotten rules in other games plenty of times. Sometimes I’ll play out the rest of the game, sometimes I’ll try to even the call out with a makeup call for the other team.

What do you do?

Chivas - Toronto Classic Soccer

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