Yu Darvish Japanese League Strat-o-Matic Card

Many people enjoy playing along with the 2012 season using 2011 cards, and the biggest obstacle to overcome for many is this:  How do you card unknown quantities, like foreign imports, for instance?

Luckily for Strat-players, one of this year’s greatest unknown quantities, pitcher Yu Darvish (now of the Texas Rangers), though technically a rookie, has a career’s worth of data to build a card from.

The card pictured below was taken from the Japanese League Heroes/Hall of Famers set at GarLen’s – Strat-O-Shack.  This set is amazing and this card will come in handy for lots of us Card & Dice players this year.  For you computer guys, there is a computer version of this set, too – including a player photo pack!

And it’s all free.

This card is built on Darvish’s statistics through 2010, so it doesn’t take last year into account and, most importantly, it is built solely on Japanese stats and has NOT been adjusted to Major League Equivalents, so keep that in mind.

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  1. My brother asked me for “a Yu Darvish S-O-M card for Christmas- meaning that I would buy him the set coming out this year. I was going to give him a check but then googled images for SOM cards thinking I would do a photoshop touch up and give him that with the money. Boy, did you come through!!!



  2. I love that story! Thanks for sharing, Glenn! How did he like the gift?

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